DPI on image below 144, how to increase

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Hey all,

I am new to scribus and trying to figure this out. I am trying to export to a PDF but when I do PDF 1.5 it tells me the image is 273x 125 DPI and is below 144.

How do I fix this?


That's the source resolution. Either your original image was taken at very low resolution or you've reduced effective resolution by cropping. I've had this message but not in Scribus. It should be just a warning, do you still get the pdf.


I was able to do create a PDF but it turned my image of grass into and X


The warning is there to warn you that the quality of the printed image will probably not be good enough. You can set the limit for the warning yourself (in the preferences).

As been said, the DPI of the image depends on the number of pixels and the physical (printed) size.

An image that is 300x300 pixels and printed as 1x1" will be printed at 300 DPI. If you make the image bigger to make it 2x2" it will become 150 DPI. Simple math.

So, the only way to make the DPI larger is to make the image smaller or get an image with more pixels.

It IS possible to use an image editor and increase the resolution, but it will not add information to the image so the quality will still be the same.

Now, the X is most likely not at all related to this. What format is the image? JPEG? PNG? GIF?


I can tell you how to do it with GIMP.

Right click on the image and select "edit image." This will open it up in GIMP.

Image > Scale image > change the X and Y resolution to desired DPI, usually 300
File > overwrite > export
Now change the image size to desired width and height.
File > overwrite > export.

When you get back to Scribus you can verify by right clicking the image again and selecting info.