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hi enzo

the performance issues with the drop shadows are well known...
no need to fill a ticket for this.

and for help on opening a ticket in mantis, can i suggest you to open a separate thread so that future readers find it more easily? that's an "unsolved" topic that comes up again and again...

General Discussion / Re: help with splitting table cells in 1.5.4
« Last post by a.l.e on Today at 09:21:25 am »
all i can say: the table editor is still an unfinished work in progress...

i would not recommend using it:

- would tabs be enough?
- importing a table from libre office as pdf or png?
- or would a real infographics be more telling for your readers?

as far as i know, scribus will not eat your layers for dinner : - )

the image frames should still be there, but if you have moved the .sla (scribus layout) file or the images, scribus might not be able anymore to find them.

if you want to move things around, you need to use the "file > collect for output" command...

does this solve your issue?

General Discussion / Re: Scribus Very Slow
« Last post by Nermander on Today at 07:29:50 am »
The way Scribus works (needing you to lay out page by page) I think it's not the best tool for novels. There are a lot of other tools better suited when have a lot of contents and almost all pages have the same layout.

Some of them (like using LaTeX, maybe with LyX) may not be WYSIWYG, but exporting a PDF from for example Open/Libre Office Writer is probably a lot easier than using Scribus. It may lack som features, but really, in most cases you get a book with better typography by using LaTeX than trying to make all the layout yourself.
Use layers. You can torn on/off layers för print/export.

But that will not change the number of pages, so for document 3 I think you are better off using a PDF editing software to delete unwanted pages after PDF export.
General Discussion / Multiple PDF-Documents by one Svribus document
« Last post by Hamburger62 on April 18, 2019, 11:40:57 pm »
Hi all,

i am new on scribus and not sure if scribus is the right tool for me.

My problem:
i have to build courseware for a seminar. I need three documents and like to get these three docs by one source.

Document one is a trainer manual including whole content.
Document two is manual for participants. Here are some hints for trainer are deleted. These hints mostly written inside of grafics written in red color.
Document three is set of some (maybe 20%) pages of participants manual. These pages are printed as a flip chart.

All three need to be PDFs to be printed by supplier.

Any idea if i can do these with scribus and how to do?

Tutorials, Tips and How-Tos / Image missing when opening existing sla file?
« Last post by ggiaggia on April 18, 2019, 08:19:02 pm »
Upon opening an existing sla file with stable Scribus, two images layers that were present the day before are now gone.  :( All project files are in the same folder. This is on ongoing problem. Is there a fix? Thank you.
General Discussion / help with splitting table cells in 1.5.4
« Last post by michael on April 18, 2019, 07:04:57 pm »
When I make a table and merge some cells I cannot find a way to split them again.  The split option is always grey.  I cannot find any situation where the split cells option is not grey.  Steps to reproduce:
  • Open Scribus 1.5.4
  • Create a new document with default options
  • insert a 5x5 table
  • merge row 1 into a single cell
  • split row 1 back into 5 cells.  >> not working. the split option is grey.  how can this be done?
Hi there,

I am designing a very short (4 pages) booklet but as using some boxes with shadows etc I could see the editing mode becomes quite slow (mainly when scrolling or doing zoom out or in), but it gets normal when in preview mode.

PS: I was trying to report this as an issue in the bug platform but did not manage at all to open a ticked there.. (?) my doubt on how to use hte bugs report platform would go beyond this particular report (in order to know how to use it .. )
cheers to all developers and moderators
General Discussion / Re: Scribus Very Slow
« Last post by Jon Artaza on April 18, 2019, 05:51:21 pm »
if you think that indesign is better for you, buy a license and use it.
nobody has ever been forced to use scribus. if you use it, it's because it's the tool that best meets the numerous constraints and needs you have.

scribus is a good tool, but it's not the best tool for every case.

Hey, I'm just kidding a bit with the problem ... I'm superfan! I have both 1.5 and 1.4 installed. I have worked with it on many projects.
Despite this, I think this problem is annoying to prepare novels, and I think there are many people who start in this "world" by editing their own.
This problem may frustrate them to use scribus.
I would like to have better skills in phyton to be useful with the project. :(
I'm sorry, if I would had been annoying! :-[
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