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PDF Generation / Re: Can't export images on PDF - Ubuntu 19.04, Scribus 1.4.8
« Last post by a.l.e on July 05, 2019, 06:17:03 pm »
you're doing -- or have done -- something "weird".

is your home on a separate partition? disk?
that could explain your issues...

you really need to check the permissions in your home...
... from a distance, it does not really look like a scribus issue...
PDF Generation / Re: Can't export images on PDF - Ubuntu 19.04, Scribus 1.4.8
« Last post by azuis on July 05, 2019, 05:47:51 pm »
hello. in the end i reinstalled ubuntu 18.04, but still get the last 2 errors (images, APPARENTLY, are back and ok).

it wasn't a clean install, it was an upgrade thru the system (being tired of clean installs, but did it one last time).

yes, home directory always untouched, in a different partition. same user name, same computer name. any tips on solving these last ones? and for now i'm skipping 19.04, would like to hear some reports from other users as well. i thought it was an upgrade problem, now i'm slightly lost.

thank you.


Cannot write file /home/user/.scribus/charpalette.ucp

and this


Scribus was not able to save its preferences:
Could not open preferences file "/home/user/.scribus//scribus140.rc" for writing: Permission denied
Please check file and directory permissions and available disk space.

Linux / Re: Fedora 30 missing Scribus template previews
« Last post by a.l.e on July 05, 2019, 05:36:11 pm »
works here on debian testing.

i guess that it's a fedora problem, and you might want to check if other people have reported a similar problem in their bug tracker.

this having being said, in scribus templates are really not that important... and if you're doing your first steps in scribus there are good chances that you don't need them (except if your main goal is to create visit cards...)

hi sparxz,

please, share a sample pdf where you have enabled the crop marks and the pdf generated from it, which does not have the crop marks...
Cannot output  PDF artwork with 5mm bleed and crop marks,
even though I have enabled all settings.

Please help.

Linux / Fedora 30 missing Scribus template previews
« Last post by rolandc on July 05, 2019, 11:58:21 am »

I have just installed and launched Scribus 1.4.6 via DNF on F30 and when I am presented with the New Document dialog I click on the New from Template tab and then I thumbnails won't show up. I am able to scroll down and select various templates though as I get information about the (invisibly) selected template into the about dialog pane, and clicking OK actually loads it into the program.

I understand this has got to be some sort of preview folder permission problem, only, I have no clue as to what this/these folders would be and what exact permission should be used. Or could the problem lie somewhere else?
Installation and Setup / Re: EPS looks awful
« Last post by a.l.e on July 05, 2019, 11:06:05 am »
hi agree with nermander: from what you're showing looks like a low res preview.

please, right click on the image and pick "preview settings > full resolution" and report if you then see an improvement.

since you did not provide the requested files, it's hard to say if your eps or your scribus have an issue...

Hi Sparxz,

You have to make sure the two colors that you used in creating the business cards were defined as 'spot' colors in the color palette.  Google spot colors + Scribus for more information.


Installation and Setup / Re: EPS looks awful
« Last post by mnawij on July 05, 2019, 05:02:58 am »
Hi brian,

Did you try File –> Import –> Get Vector and select any of the previous files you have created?  This should work since everything is simple vectors with the fonts outlined.


I am making business cards.

How do I make sure I am only using two colours, to reduce print cost at printers ?

I am looking at the CMYK print preview

And I hope to have ink as just Black + different shades of green, on the white background


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