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Code / Re: Code search - Shift + drag object
« Last post by a.l.e on November 07, 2018, 11:13:10 am »
first, congratulations on the patch. good idea!

concerning that "mess". some time ago, i've written to the mailing list a proposal for new code / contributing conventions for scribus.
it has been "officially" ignored, but it led the team to write down a clear list of code conventions that simply cemented the current rules.
(the page is not official yet, so i don't want to publish the link in here. i can share it with you in private.)

why i'm writing about it, now?
i'd like to stress one rule that i think applies to your patch: if a patch adds more than 8 lines in a function, the author should think about refactoring that part of code (and create a new function).
this should also apply to adding inline comments: if you feel the need for inline comments, you should refactor your code, use good names, and put the comment in the doc of the function (if it's still needed).

i had a look at the code in mouseReleaseEvent and in my eyes, there are good changes that the big if following craig's "Drag selection performed here" comment (line 1146?) should get into its own function (onDragSelection()? what are the arguments? what will be the used as class variables? personally, i like to reduce the amount of side effects...).
if possible, the function should be further split... 8 to 10 lines is probably the optimal length for a function. 50 lines probably it's maximal length.

now, having said that, while having had a look at the code, i've noticed a "m_doc->m_Selection->count() == 0" in the big if on line 1147... i think that this is the reason why we cannot extend the current selection through a drag selection.
it's just a supposition: i don't know anything about that part of code and i haven't tried it out...
what do yo uthin?
Code / Code search - Shift + drag object
« Last post by Gibbz on November 07, 2018, 05:25:07 am »

Ive just posted a patch to add Alt selection mode to Scribus (
Now I want to fix the shift select mode, but I cant seem to find the code for this.

Currently if a frame is selected, and the user holds shift, then begins a click and drag operation, the object moves on the screen. This is the incorrect behavior, and I cant find this code anywhere to look into it.

Ive been looking in canvasmode_normal.cpp in the mousepress, mouserelease, mousemove, but that code is a real mess without comments.

Any help where I can look?
General Discussion / (SOLVED)Re: after pc crasch, the file is blocked: help!
« Last post by Hanniolo on November 06, 2018, 01:19:46 am »
Hi all,
thank you for thinking along!

My version is Linux 18.1, Scribus 1.4.6

I solved the problem by "Export to pdf" file
I do not know yet exactly what the problem was but I think that "Export to PDF" the file is checked for errors.

@ a.l.e '"please make sure that the" view> preview mode "is not enabled ...
Where can I find the option "view> preview mode"?

General Discussion / Re: after pc crasch, the file is blocked: help!
« Last post by a.l.e on November 05, 2018, 10:02:20 am »
please make sure that the "view > preview mode" is not enabled...

that's the most likely reason why you cannot edit your file.

... or check that you layers are not locked... but i guess you would know about it, if you did so...
General Discussion / Re: after pc crasch, the file is blocked: help!
« Last post by dragonfly on November 04, 2018, 11:58:36 pm »
It would help if you clarify if you are on Windows/Linux/Mac and which version of Scribus?.

My guess is that the Scribus *.sla file is either in lock state or corrupted by crash. Is there a lock file located near the Scribus file?

In similar circumstances (not with Scribus) I have used this xml editor to validate files after a shutdown.

Open your file in XMLCopyEditor and try hitting the well formed and validate buttons.

Added note: Learn from this experience and keep a backup of your file(s).
General Discussion / after pc crasch, the file is blocked: help!
« Last post by Hanniolo on November 04, 2018, 09:47:19 pm »
I am reasonably new with Scribus.
I'm making a club magazine for the association. Almost finished it and then the laptop crashed.
When I reopen the file in Scribus after a restart, I can no longer edit it: can not add or change anything. It is blocked.
How do I solve this?
Layout Issues / Re: Is a Book 135x120 mm. something for scribus?
« Last post by utnik on November 04, 2018, 02:10:22 pm »
hi erix

…possible problems described as lost formatting between LibreOffice and Scribus.

you may keep the paragraph styles while importing your text from .odt. but unfortunately character styles and direct formatting will be lost (unless you do something along the markdown lines described by dragonfly…)

I have not found any command for indentation on the first line in a paragraph.

take a look at 'tabulators and indentation' in the 'style manager'.

Layout Issues / Re: Is a Book 135x120 mm. something for scribus?
« Last post by Erix on November 04, 2018, 01:30:59 pm »
Thanks for the reply. The road you describe seems difficult and as an experiment, I'm considering following your path according to the link "ebooklib ...". At the same time, I will review the posts describing the possibility LibreOffice (odt) > Scribus. So far, not even the correct font, italic/bold, indent the first row followed by to Scribus in my attempt. Nevertheless, I've read somewhere (Text and Typography) read that it would work, while it does not seem to be a big deal for users. The way I described as my workflow seems, from my horizon, to be natural. That the author, the designer and the Scribusartist are not usually the same person (unless a simple print is made for the sake of pleasure). And in that case, LibreOffice is perfect. I myself have easily tested templates for the author to approve in lLibreOffice. Even a simple brochure should be easier to produce without the help of Scribus or InDesign. With long learning curve.

I am completely ignorant of the difficulties with formatting between, for example, LibreOffice and Scribus. It's easy to think: it works without problems between eg Word, OpenOffice and LibreOffice, it should be easy to fix it even in Scribus.

Forgive my long expulsion. Just my curiosity to understand how everything is connected. Feel free to comment on other Scribus users. Greetings.
MacOS / Re: Scribus vs MacOS Mojave
« Last post by a.l.e on November 02, 2018, 09:13:30 pm »
have you managed to right click (or control click) the scribus icon and pick the open item?
Beginner Talk / Re: Scribus & Quark
« Last post by a.l.e on November 02, 2018, 09:11:40 pm »
I don't think taht it will be ever (or soon) possible to share files between different layout programs. (i have no idea how well ID and Quark can share files... but...).

Currently, Scribus 1.5 can read exchange files from ID (IDML) and from Quark (some basic support for xtg; uknown in quality (to me!) of qxd files).

but scribus cannot yet write idml or qxd files and id / quark cannot read .sla files.

and, for now, i don't think that we can think of a lossless roundrip...
but: who knows?

with the help of some dedicated new contributors it might be possible...
the document liberation project has created the libraries for those formats...
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