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Hello 😁
I've made a YouTube tutorial inserting a text box (in french) :
There is a playlist (in french) :
General Discussion / Re: Scribus Has Reverted to Older Saved SLA Version
« Last post by a.l.e on Today at 12:17:55 pm »
are you saving your files only once a day?

in that case, yes, i think that it's at least theoretically possible that scribus fails to save your file and you don't get any feedback.

just try to open your file file, make a  small change, close the file, reopen it and see if the change is still there.
if the change is reverted, than for some reason, scribus does not save your documents. (or some of your documents)

if the change is still there, there is no reason why the it should be reset after some wealthy sleep.
Scribus forums / Re: MonthlyCalendar Tkinter error in ubuntu
« Last post by srikrishnan on Today at 12:11:21 pm »
Hi a.l.e,

Thanks for your reply

I am having

Scribus Version 1.5.6.svn
06 November 2019
Build ID: C--T-F-C1.16.0-64bit
Using Ghostscript version 9.27

can you please direct me how to tweak this?

Text and Typography / Re: "distance to text" does not appear
« Last post by a.l.e on Today at 10:51:13 am »
can you please show a screenshot of the dialog where you hare looking for it?
Scribus forums / Re: MonthlyCalendar Tkinter error in ubuntu
« Last post by a.l.e on Today at 09:25:00 am »
this message comes from the script and is misleading.

depending on your scribus version you will need "Python 3 Tkinter".

so, which version of scribus do you have on ubuntu? if it's the trunk ppa, you will need to install the python 3 tkinter (by default, i guess that the python command in the terminal will give you python 2).

on windows scribus is using (by default) its own python and tkinter so you won't need any further tweaking (but will have a harder time, when you want to use local python packages with scribus...)
Scribus forums / MonthlyCalendar Tkinter error in ubuntu
« Last post by srikrishnan on Today at 03:46:55 am »
Hi All,

I am trying

which I got from the below scribus forum thread ""

In this "" has been released for Linux also,

I have tested it in Windows 7 it works well. but not in Ubuntu. when I run, it says that "This script requires Python 2 Tkinter properly installed"

when I tried it in my terminal, it says everything which needs for running this script has been installed.

srikrishnan@srikrishnan-desktop:~$ python
Python 2.7.17rc1 (default, Oct 10 2019, 10:26:01)
[GCC 9.2.1 20191008] on linux2
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
Below command also popup Tk dialog box
>>> Tkinter.Tk()
<Tkinter.Tk instance at 0x7f2139849eb0>

can anybody help me to solve this problem? what goes wrong with installation of "Python 2 Tkinter"?


Text and Typography / "distance to text" does not appear
« Last post by Wily on December 11, 2019, 11:25:34 pm »
When I open / Properties / Shape Tab "distance to text" does not appear.
Anyone who can help me with this problem?
General Discussion / Re: Scribus Has Reverted to Older Saved SLA Version
« Last post by dswaugh on December 11, 2019, 06:38:05 pm »
Hi, a.l.e. Thanks for responding.

Had the same thing happen to a different file this morning. Saved it last night before going to bed, and when I came back and opened it this morning, it had reverted back to an older version of the file. Through trial and error, I've determined that the culprit might be one of the following: 1) broken dependency files in the Scribus package (libnvidia-ifr1-390, libnvidia-ifr1-390:i386, and nvidia-driver-390) that are tied to my use of a proprietary Nvidia driver, 2) something with the nightly build (currently using 1.5.6) that requires me to re-install the software or upgrade to the most recent version of Ubuntu (currently using 18.04), or 3) a bug in 1.5.6 that's related to saving large, text-dense blocks where I've used non open-source fonts, reduced the font sizes to 11pt, and used manual line spacing to fit more text on the page. Guess I should also mention that my file is also graphics-intensive. Numerous black and white photos and graphics that have alpha channels. Am wondering if my file size might be too large.

Would love to attach a file, but the problem is that none of the new lost files in question saved. I keep getting left with older versions that Scribus keeps reverting back to.

I tried re-installing the daily build, but I keep getting an error-message about the broken packages on my system mentioned before. Next, wondering if I should just do a clean install of Ubuntu.

In the meantime, I'm trying to piece together a new file using 1.4.8. Here's hoping that the stable version of Scribus will save the file. Will let you know.

Again, thanks much for getting back to me. Be blessed today.
i have no idea why the manual says that (and i did not read that part...) but, yes, firefox can open xml files and will show you a nice view on it.
Scripts and Plugins / Re: Monthly Calendar script
« Last post by AarGeeBee on December 11, 2019, 03:09:15 pm »
Thank you for the kind enrichment. Great work.
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