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General Discussion / Re: Scribus Very Slow
« Last post by Jon Artaza on Today at 01:18:21 pm »
So I am working on a book.  It is up to about 200 pages and Scribus is killing me with the slowness.  Saving takes like 5 mins, and even scrolling to the next page takes like 30 secs.  It isn't my computer (plenty of RAM and power), and as far as linked text frames go, my chapters are separated; I am linking about 20-30 pages of text in each chapter.  Is there a way to get Scribus to speed up.  This is making my project take much longer than it should.

I'm in the same case with big amounts of text put it together. My solution is cut the text in short peaces (for example, for chapters, or each ten pages) and putting them in separate chaining text windows groups as you. I hope to explain myself (my english is very bad).  It's the only way I have found to minimize this problem (a long term problem in Scribus, of course. Very long term annoying problem!  :-\)

Off topic (or not) This is a big problem for standarized the use of scribus, indesign boys and girls laugh in our faces... Damned it!  ;D
Scripts and Plugins / Working on a pybind11 new Scripter for Scribus
« Last post by a.l.e on Today at 10:46:33 am »
After a long preparatory phase (and a few fails at upgrading the current solutions), I think that I've finally a way to get to a new Scripter for Scribus that:

- Would have a more sane API
- Is simple to maintain
- Is more pythonic
- Works with Python 3
- Is based on PyQt5 / PySide2 rather than on Tcl/Tk

The first bits, with only two function in the API is here

and it allows to get the current file name (if any) with this Python code:

import scribus
import sys

    doc = scribus.get_current_document()
    print("Unexpected error:", sys.exc_info()[0])

If you have some experience with using the Scripter, are a Python programmer or otherwise feel that you have a say, I would be very interested in getting help with the planning of the new API.

As I write in the README linked above, I'd like to create a new API that is close to what the Scripter2 should have been:
(the main difference: the return values will be Python objects, not strings with the name of the resource).

Of course, help in the implementation itself would also be welcome, but i hope to be rather fast on not that part (mostly, copying  and refactoring what is already in the current Scripter...).

The plan is to have an API that can do some simple tasks ready for the next LGM


P.S.: If you're wondering why: we need a new Scripter because the current solutions cannot be upgraded to Python 3 and Tcl/Tk has issues on Mac OS.
Scripts and Plugins / Re: Importing Python Modules in windows
« Last post by a.l.e on Today at 10:36:35 am »
hoi michi

would you mind testing this?

# doing execfile() on this file will alter the current interpreter's
# environment so you can import libraries in the virtualenv
activate_this_file = "/path/to/virtualenv/bin/"

execfile(activate_this_file, dict(__file__=activate_this_file))

if you're using "-m venv" you'll probably need to find the virtualenv's ""...

i've not tested it, but it looks like a solution for your problem... slightly better than running pip from inside of scribus (which, imo, looks like a wonderful hack to me!)
there are exceptions, but in most cases, it's not such a great idea to leave a padding in the image frames...

and, no, there is no easy way to center the image in a frame...

... even if there are ways to do that... like first fitting the frame to the image, place it correctly, and then grow the frame in the shape tab...
when you select an image that is inside a frame and wanting to automatically center it in the frame (after making bigger the frame for example) .. how do you manage it ? I have been looking in the alignment panel but have not find any feature for this case...
thanks ;)
Scripts and Plugins / Importing Python Modules in windows
« Last post by Michihalo on April 17, 2019, 11:46:45 am »
Hey all,

When i tried to import a module into scribus on windows, it always said that the module was not installed, even if Environment variables were setup and the module was correctly installed on python itself.

I therefore ran this inside the console in Scribus

Code: [Select]
import pip
pip.main(['install', '<moduleName>'])

This installs the package for all users for Scribus, after a restart of Scribus you can use it in the console or in your scripts.

I don't know if this is the best way to do it, but it works for me. Hope this helps someone

PS: pip has to be installed i suppose. For me that worked without any troubles
Free discussion / Re: Website updates, links etc ...
« Last post by a.l.e on April 16, 2019, 06:30:14 pm »
yes it makes sense.

the idea is that people can open a ticket in with the content or -- if they know enough of markdown and git / github -- even make a pull request that i just have to accept.

i'm working on the first showcase. once it's there, i can write a short how to. but basically:

- fork (it's the gray button int the top right corner)
- clone your fork or start editing it with the github web editor
- add a directory in 03.showcase with the current date and a title (2019-04-16-spektrum-88)
- in the new directory create a file "" with the description of your project
- add the images to the same directory and link them from the file
- make a pull request from the web interface

a bit more complex than a wordpress, but it has the big advantage that anybody can contribute, without needing special rights. i just have to accept the pull request (after having checked and eventually having fixed bugs).

i can give trusted people the right to accept pull requests... but it's not really needed for now.
Free discussion / Re: Website updates, links etc ...
« Last post by enzogian on April 16, 2019, 05:09:07 pm »
Hi ale, I am wondering if (I am not so expert on website developments) is it possible creating a section that could be feeded by users or members(?) in order to populate the showcase or gallery page of the site ? not sure on how to describe it, could be like sending links (that could be previously approved by admin of course) ??
Could be a contact form where visitors wanting to display their works could send files or links .. ?

hope it makes sense ;)
Free discussion / Re: Website updates, links etc ...
« Last post by a.l.e on April 16, 2019, 04:56:03 pm »
i've added the facebook page & group to the page...
Ah ok. I appreciate all your help!
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