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Beginner Talk / Re: Two questions: Copy Paste Styles and Organizing styles
« Last post by a.l.e on April 20, 2018, 07:32:50 pm »
you partially can, but i'm not sure it's really (as) useful (as in inkscape).

for text, you would want to use styles.

(and for organizing the documents, you can use the "find" function in your operating system / desktop manager or a document manager; if you just want to open the last file you've opened in scribus, just open scribus from the list of applications and use file > recent files to one of the 5+ latest documents)
Beginner Talk / Two questions: Copy Paste Styles and Organizing styles
« Last post by daniel on April 20, 2018, 07:20:11 pm »
In Inkscape I can ctrl-Shift-v to copy and then paste a style to another selection. Can I do this in Scribus?

Second, I have a lot of styles for different documents. Is there any way to organise them better so that I don't have to scroll a lot to find them. I've taken to adding a numbered prefix so the ones I'm using are at the top but I bet there's a better way.
PDF Generation / Re: During PDF-Export my renderframes are moved
« Last post by GarryP on April 20, 2018, 03:26:10 pm »
I've just noticed that you can get similar results by changing the DPI via the "Edit Source" function.
After doing this, you may also have to resize the render frame to see the results rendered fully again - not very helpful (and misleading to the user).
And, some of the text formatting changes too - e.g. the formula in the default LaTeX moves across the frame depending on DPI.
All-in-all, render frames need a bit of work doing to them.
PDF Generation / Re: During PDF-Export my renderframes are moved
« Last post by GarryP on April 20, 2018, 10:55:52 am »
Welcome to the forum MartinL.

I don't use render frames much myself but I would say this was a bug concerning the render frame resolution.

The problem can be seen with this basic workflow:
* Open Scribus and cancel the "New Document" dialog;
* Go to "Preferences / External Tools" and set the resolution for Render Frames to 72dpi;
* Create a new document;
* Insert a render frame;
* Export to PDF.

The PDF looks fine.

Now try the same workflow, but set the resolution for the render frame to be 144dpi.

The contents of the render frame are now different in Scribus to that when exported to PDF.

See attached screenshots:
* render_scribus_72.jpg (in Scribus with 72dpi resolution)
* render_pdf_72.jpg (exported PDF with 72dpi resolution)
* render_scribus_144.jpg (in Scribus with 144dpi resolution)
* render_pdf_144.jpg (exported PDF with 144dpi resolution)

Unfortunately, I don't know how to fix this. Maybe someone else can.
PDF Generation / During PDF-Export my renderframes are moved
« Last post by MartinL on April 19, 2018, 10:37:39 pm »
I have a big problem right now. Everything still looks right in Scribus, but as soon as I export, the render frames move. When I print directly from Scribus, everything works. The first picture shows the render frames in Scribus, the second picture shows a screenshot from the pdf.

Does anyone know this problem and can they help me?

Thank you
Text and Typography / Re: Corrupted text causing #11 crashes
« Last post by remadepreacher on April 18, 2018, 11:56:43 pm »
My putting this thread here was merely my way of trying to correct a mistake — putting a different problem in with my trouble with getting text and typing in a text box.

Sorry, utnik you're right, I should have included the following replies:

"Hi remadepreacher

I just opened your file in scribus 1.5.3, inserted 'Trouble In Paradise' between the two paragraphs and changed the paragraph style to 'heading 3' – there is no crash on my system (high sierra – the same as you use…)

Either there's something wrong
* with your scribus installation → to check this you could close scribus, and remove the directory: /users/'your user name'/library/preferences/scribus from the library or rename it to 'scribus_old' and restart scribus.
* or with the os itself (unlikely but possible)
* or with one of the fonts you use  → check your fonts with ''. ('hk serif' was replaced in my test, but it isn't in use in the test file…)
* or you do something strange…
as your file won't open in scribus 1.4.6 without conversion, I tested only with 1.5.3.”


April 15, 2018
“As i wrote in the bug tracker, you should try to isolate the problem by testing parts of your complex workflow separately, instead of changing everything (new operating system, new font files…) at the same time.
if a car wouldn't run, your solution could be to change the battery, the injector pump and all the ignition plugs before a real 'bug hunting attempt' would lead to an empty fuel tank…”


I do appreciate your test and the suggestion of isolating the problem with the text before changing everything.
This led me to switch out Georgia in the document and see it's relation to the crashes. This led me to remove Georgia from my Font Book (I'll download it again when I decide if it worth paying for its use in the book).
Beginner Talk / Re: Trouble with "Get Text"
« Last post by remadepreacher on April 18, 2018, 11:06:29 pm »
Thanks, utnik, I removed Scribus preferences from two places but could not find a Scribus properties file on the mac. Do I need to look somewhere I haven't thought of or are you meaning to remove a properties file direct from the Scribus program?
After removing preferences I was able to double click on the text box one time. After that it was back to the non-working behavior.
les hint can work but does not have to.

the only secure way for moving around a scribus project is by using the "file > collect for output" tool.

... say a guy who just got a booklet back from the print shop where all images are missing...
works with Fills, Create object/Shape, fill the apply Transparency or gradient
Beginner Talk / Re: Easy way to centralize image/text/vector file boxes?
« Last post by GarryP on April 18, 2018, 02:28:47 pm »
(Ah, utnik just got in there ahead of me.)

A more formalised way of describing it would be :
* choose menu "Windows -> Align & Distribute";
* select the "Align" tab;
* then change "Relative To" to "Page";
* select your object(s);
* press the appropriate icon in the same "Align & Distribute" dialog.

Does that do what you need or do you need something different?
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