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Title: Scrivener integration
Post by: Dewdman42 on May 21, 2018, 06:08:36 pm
New potential Scribus user here, so please forgive me if this is too obvious of a question.  what is the best way to integrate Scribus with Scrivener?  I'd like to write my words in Scrivener and in many cases apply as much formatting as possible in Scrivener, but then flow the results into Scribus for more advanced layout.

What are people doing to achieve an automation for this?

I notice that with pandoc, scrivener can produce ICML.  Does scribus understand ICML yet?  Or perhaps people have found a better way?
Title: Re: Scrivener integration
Post by: utnik on May 21, 2018, 09:18:16 pm
hi dewdman42
i don't know scrivener. but as it allows you to export your files in .odt format and scribus imports .odt files (including paragraph styles, but not character styles) quite well, i would try to go that way.
if scrivener is widely used, you could file a feature request for an importer for scrivener files as well. there might be someone willing (and able) to write such an importer…