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no, both feature are not available in scribus...

just one remark: the drop shadows are not yet a stable feature...
among other things, it has performance issues... as you have noticed...
How are you faring? Need any tips on usage?
Also a way to disable drop shadows in low quality mode from rendering but still having them output? Is this possible too?
Beginner Talk / Display single page at a time with tabs for other pages?
« Last post by Gibbz on Today at 06:46:58 am »
Is there any way to display one page at a time, and have tabs or some way to change between pages?

Currently I notice poor performance when using drop shadows, and I really only need to work on 1 page at a time in the view.
Scripts and Plugins / PDF Export script - Set color output CMYK/RGB?
« Last post by Gibbz on Today at 05:55:24 am »
Hey Guys,

Im setting up some pdf profiles for my document. I want one to export in a web friendly RGB format. Another to export in print friendly CMYK.

I have a basic script working which outputs the PDF fine. But I cant find the API for configuring the colors... Where can I find this?
Text and Typography / Weird font rendering with mupdf
« Last post by djoop on Today at 12:11:50 am »

I'm using Scribus for the first time and the fonts in my documents do not render properly once exported in pdf when using mupdf-based readers. Everything looks fine with Evince, but I would like to fix the problem, and also to make sure that everything will be fine if I print the document. Enclosed is a test example: there is some kind of aliasing effect, and also some parts of the letters appear in cyan rather than black. The problem is the same for all "zoom" levels.
This is a test document with one line in "Arial" and one in "Lato". I tried both embedding and vectorizing, same result.

Any suggestions?
[edit] Running Scribus 1.4.7 on archlinux.
It might help responders to your posts if you clarify:
(a) Windows, Linux or Mac?
(b) Scribus 1.4.x or 1.5.x?

You can always search your .sla file using external regex tool
instead of internal editor.
Text and Typography / How introduce UNICODE caracter in Search and Replace internal editor
« Last post by Ribus on September 23, 2018, 02:47:23 pm »
Hello I am new on this Scribus Forum.
I make a 200 pages review for 4 years now with Scribus.
Thanks to everybody for this nice tool. :-*
I am looking for replacing Two CRLF by One CRLF in internal editor, or only LF, I am not sure to understand eveything.

In the sla file view with Notepad++ I can replace all the text, two lines by one but I still find two LF.

           <para PARENT="Default Paragraph Style"/>  LF
            <para PARENT="Default Paragraph Style"/>
I tried a script with :

Nothing happened.
Features / Re: Suggestion: a good start for footnotes Insert > Char > Footnote#
« Last post by dragonfly on September 22, 2018, 11:39:44 pm »
I have been studying how to build the final leg of the pipeline from Atom to Scribus.

All roads lead to Rome.

But I read here from post#3 ..

All of my many files (accumulated last 3 years) are made with 1.4.6, and I understand that 1.5 uses a new file format not backwardly-compatible; this and the report that the footnote functions are still incomplete has discouraged me from making an experiment.

From my reading through the forum there are many users still using the stable version of Scribus 1.4.x.

I have been experimenting on Scribus-trunk 1.5.5 (daily build) which has the ability to exploit python scripting to move pre-processed content from Atom (or LibreOffice) into Scribus.

However Scripter is not available on early version 1.4.x.

This leads me to consider developing two pipeline routes for different users.

(a) Atom accessing Scribus through methods in Atom which leverage the Scribus XML (.sla) format. This approach should work for both 1.4.x (stable) and 1.5.x (development).

(b) Atom driving Scribus through command line and leveraging Scripter.
This will not work with 1.4x but I can see should work with 1.5.x.

I'm not sure about the relative populations of 1.4.x users vs 1.5.x users.

My personal preference is the XML route which should support both 1.4.x and 1.5.x including legacy documents.

Text and Typography / Re: custom colors for text broken in 1.5.4
« Last post by utnik on September 22, 2018, 09:38:26 pm »
hi raymund

the colors are the same, but in the lower line the saturation is set to 0%.

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