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Beginner Talk / Re: Advice for Newbie on printing and PDF outputs inc CMYK
« Last post by utnik on November 15, 2017, 04:04:28 pm »
hi veronica

I use GIMP but I will install Krita.

you don't need krita for this. as your magazine will be exported for screen (rgb) and for print (cmyk), you should keep the images in rgb. the export 'for printer' will do the conversion, unless you export as '.pdf/x-3'. (if your print shop requires .pdf/x-3 with everything in cmyk space, you should export as .pdf/x-1a…)

I have been checking in case there was an ICC for my monitor.

if your work depends on absolute color acuracy, you need a good monitor, and you have to calibrate it.

Thanks for splitting the topic.

My comments and questions on this topic come from frustration more than anything else.

I realise that you're not an official voice of the project but since the developers don't get into any kind of discussions here and they rarely give any information about what's happening I thought I would try and elicit whatever info' I could from whoever was listening. (I know that the mailing list is used more by the developers but it hurts my brain to look at it and it's not a good place to get a decent overview of the project.)

I think we are probably in agreement about which versions people should be using. Your previous post said pretty much what I did, but you seem more okay with people using the developmental versions than I generally am. I don't have a problem with that but the team needs to get some kind of official message out to tell people what sort of thing they can expect from the different versions and who they are aimed at. Once there is an official stance, people will know where they stand and if someone is using the "wrong" version there's something they can be pointed to.

In my opinion there are too many people using the latest version - just because it's got the highest number - without knowing that they are actually using software that could change significantly at any time and contains code that hasn't been properly tested. If people know the risks then I have no problem with them using the software, but the people using the developmental versions are putting themselves into a situation where they could be having more trouble than they might expect.

The situation is how the situation is, but the situation could be made better by the users getting better information.
Beginner Talk / Re: Advice for Newbie on printing and PDF outputs inc CMYK
« Last post by veronicathecow on November 15, 2017, 01:33:53 pm »
Thanks, that's link is helping with the CMYK business. I use GIMP but I will install Krita. I have been checking in case there was an ICC for my monitor. Years ago when I had cataracts in one eye my left vision was red tinted and my right blue bit like 3D glasses, very funky.
so, i have now split the topic : - )

garry, your remarks are very pertinent and correct.

but -- when talking about the usage of development versions -- i've stopped years ago to write in public something too much different from what the team currently suggests.
(and from what users are actually doing)

i'm all for releasing oft and avoid such ridiculous long development cycles, but i cannot change the way it works.

and i'm not an official voice of the scribus project, just a verbose (and mostly informed) one...

and, sadly, i have no solution for your questions.

all i can say is that there are many people currently using (and teaching to use) scribus 1.5.3 and they are mostly happy with it.
Ah, so if "the developers do apply fixes to the stable branch" as you say, where can users get hold of a bug-fixed version?
I've checked the official downloads page on SourceForge - via links from the official website - and the latest modification date for the Windows and Mac versions of the 1.4.6 installers is 3rd Jan 2016.
If that date is correct - and I've no reason to think that it's not - then it doesn't look like anything has changed since then. Am I wrong?
Personally I would very much like to be using a bug-fixed version so I'm looking forward to finding out how I can get one.

Secondly, if, as you say "the team itself encourages to use <1.5.x> for production" but "there are parts that should not be touched", how would a user know which functions should not be used? Are these functions marked as experimental? Is there any documentation telling people what should not be used? In other words: If people are being encouraged to use software that has some functions that don't work properly, how do they know which things don't work? Are they just expected to find that out for themselves when things go horribly wrong? If, for example, again as you say, "undo with care" means that even the undo function doesn't work properly, what does that say about the stability of the software and its usability for the average user who is being encouraged to use it? I'm curious as to what the official stance on this situation is.

dezcat: Apologies for hijacking your topic but I think these are important questions, especially considering the problems you've been having recently.
Installation and Setup / Delete standard Printer becouse of priner margins
« Last post by bufu on November 15, 2017, 10:34:37 am »

I haven´t found an answer on this problem:
win 10 64 pro

I try to create a pdf for a print shop and don´t want to print at home.

Now scribus always loads my home printer with it´s margins.
Always when i choose an other printer from the drop down like microsoft pdf, the margins are set to 0. After ok, and reenter the option the home printer (is not system standard in windows) is here agan.

Do you have any advice what I can do to remove this standard printer setting from scribus?

Thank you!

Sorry I haven´t seen, that there is an extra windows folder!
Text and Typography / Re: Spell Checker
« Last post by GarryP on November 15, 2017, 10:30:09 am »
This might help for changing languages:,1319.0.html (It sounds like an awkward way of doing things but it means that you can have multiple languages in the same document.)

Also, read the relevant bit of this page: (including the important note in red at the bottom).

As for adding words, sorry but I've no idea. Scribus uses Hunspell so maybe there is some info' for that somewhere. (Personally I don't use the spell checker.)
Beginner Talk / Re: Advice for Newbie on printing and PDF outputs inc CMYK
« Last post by mnawij on November 15, 2017, 06:43:24 am »
See if these help with CMYK.

Also, always get a printed hard-copy proof before you go to print.  I always work with images in RGB and then save a copy to CMYK to see how the colors shift, sometimes it is quite drastic, other times hardly anything is noticeable.  Which image editor are you using by the way? Gimp currently only works in RGB, though Krita allows for CMYK conversion.  The hard part is that your monitor is probably not color calibrated, you probably will not be seeing the exact colors on the screen either.  FYI: most printers do not like RGB files as they cannot guarantee the potential color shifts between the two color models.

Hope this helps,


Text and Typography / Spell Checker
« Last post by 24Peter on November 15, 2017, 06:14:48 am »
Two questions:

Is there a way to choose a default library? Seems like English UK is default but I have gone thru the Preferences and not found a way to select another library as default > English US.

Is there a way to add words to the library or build a custom spell check library? It keeps flagging the same terms over and over slows down the process of proofing and I can't see a way to add words.
Beginner Talk / Re: Advice for Newbie on printing and PDF outputs inc CMYK
« Last post by veronicathecow on November 15, 2017, 01:42:36 am »
Hi mnawij, thanks for your reply that is really useful stuff.
Currently our printer asks for CMYK image files but we may be moving to another printer. I thought it was very strange that they could not cope with standard images after all we couldn't be their only client with this issue.
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