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Features / Re: Suggestion: a good start for footnotes Insert > Char > Footnote#
« Last post by jack_cat on September 11, 2018, 09:06:42 pm »
Dragonfly, I am way behind on catching up in my understanding and implementation of the Atom workspace and the info in your recent advisories. This will be a work in progress.

For the record, this entire Atom-workflow proposal does nothing for my existing project, which is a complete draft requiring revision; during that revision I will have to re-number the footnotes, the reason for my original post; it would be crazy to re-format all of that material, and a re-format could also be done in OO using its footnote function, then putting text and notes back into Scribus. I will almost certainly re-number the footnotes (of the current project) one at a time instead of redoing from scratch in another program or format. Thus my original idea that Scribus could usefully offer a mere consecutive footnote numbering function, without necessary tying it dynamically to the notes themselves, still appears to be valid, even though this will not occur soon and maybe not ever.

However, at the moment, Lilypond, the music notation markup language, has become the real draw of this exploration - on its own merits, but also because of being able to integrate it with Atom, and because I have another project waiting in the wings for which the current one was intended to be, in part, a trial run of a software work flow, and which will require hundreds of new graphic examples in staff notation. According to all claims and reviews, Lilypond has superior output to wysiwyg music notation programs, at the mere cost of learning its syntax. (A small black mark is that it uses the obsolete Helmholtz pitch notation instead of the new standard, oxymoronically called Scientific Pitch Notation, but that's livable.) Then the possibility of a streamlined compilation process in which each text block is closely linked with its graphic example is very attractive, and if this can be automated so that tweaking the Lilypond code updates the final output without editing the output graphic again in Gimp (always required with the .png output from my old program) then I will save myself a lot of detail work as well as the generation and management of an extra layer of graphical source files.

But in the meantime I have a learning curve in process. I don't know how long this might take.

Thanks, over and out for now.
Beginner Talk / Parallel text for a bilingual book
« Last post by princemoga on September 11, 2018, 09:05:27 pm »
Hi. I'm new to formatting and editing.

I have a question, and I've looked everywhere, in this forum, in the subreddit, all across Google, and I haven't found the answer to my question. It should be an easy one:

I'm translating a book and I want to format it like a typical academic translation, with the original text on the right -even pages- and the translated text on the left -odd pages-. It's supposed to be simple enough, but I'm losing my mind over trying to figure it out. Does anybody know how to do this?

Thank you very much in advance.
PDF Generation / Re: How to disable a text field in a form using javascript
« Last post by balam on September 11, 2018, 08:22:19 pm »
The solution is:

this.getField('foo').readonly = true;

JavaScript for Acrobat API Reference:
Outlining the text or adding shadows are other options. For business cards since the text will be small a vignette will work best.

Will try out this approach.
it depends on the pdf version you are targetting.

if you will produce a pdf that contains transparencies and your printer can handle that pdf, then you can simply put a white shape with transparency behind the text...
General Discussion / Re: When I try to preview a document, it comes out blank.
« Last post by a.l.e on September 11, 2018, 09:03:54 am »
How do I lighten a small area, to make it 'bleach' to get better contrast with black text?
Please see the area in the image attached of Business card.
Have tried a few things, and want to limit the total number of colors used, for consistency.

General Discussion / Re: When I try to preview a document, it comes out blank.
« Last post by Sparxz on September 10, 2018, 10:27:18 pm »

Hi, I never passed much attention to the "Screen preview" (eye icon enables) you pointed out.
I thought it was just for testing eg color blindness, but now I see its value.

Over many years of versions, I was just used to 'File' -> "Print preview" feature, as generic, as used
in Apache Office/LibreOffice etc. Pity, it does not work(some bug), but at least I can fall back
on the feature you showed.

General Discussion / Re: When I try to preview a document, it comes out blank.
« Last post by a.l.e on September 10, 2018, 08:10:24 pm »
here an example how i use the preview mode:
(i've reuploaded the file... the previous link did not work correctly)

it just works...
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