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General Discussion / Re: Getting rid of endless "Possible hyphenation" dialogues?
« Last post by eudoxos on October 09, 2017, 09:52:49 am »
Alright, I restarted scribus now and everything works fine by itself. An explanation would be appreciated, though...? ;)
Beginner Talk / Re: Printing Images with transparent Backgrounds
« Last post by a.l.e on October 09, 2017, 09:41:13 am »
if you have issues when printing from scribus, just don't do it.

create a pdf and print it.

the "print" menu entry should simply be removed. scribus is not a software made for printing directly, but for creating pdfs that will be professionally printed (and of course you can also print them on your office printer too!).

sorry, if i keep this as short as possible, but it has been discussed so many times before and it won't change in the foreseeable future.
Beginner Talk / Printing Images with transparent Backgrounds
« Last post by Pittini on October 09, 2017, 02:21:23 am »
If i try to print images (png or psd) with transparent background, the transparency is replaced with white (not on screen, just on the print). If i export from scribus (1.5.3) to pdf, everything is fine. How can i print those images directly from scribus? Tnx.
General Discussion / Re: render box in separate file
« Last post by eudoxos on October 08, 2017, 11:27:01 pm »
Use \input{myfile} in your LaTeX snippet and put the actual code in myfile.tex (\input is a TeX primitive, which basically just puts the file right there). See for a discussion. HTH, edx.
General Discussion / Getting rid of endless "Possible hyphenation" dialogues?
« Last post by eudoxos on October 08, 2017, 11:24:17 pm »
I am running 1.5.3 svn (1.5.3svn~r22185~20171007 from ubuntu PPA) and IIRC some months before I could hyphenate English text by Extra/Hyphenate Text, and it would just do the hyphenation. Now when I go to hyphenate, the "Possible hyphenation" dialogue will pop up for almost every single word in the text. I tried both with Document Setup / Hyphenator / Hyphenation suggestions on and off, same behavior.

How to just do the hyphenation without any further dialogues? Or is it a regression? Thanks!
General Discussion / Re: How using Lualatex in scribus?
« Last post by eudoxos on October 08, 2017, 11:20:19 pm »
What version? This is 1.5.4 (svn): File/Preferences/External Tools/Render Frames , set LaTeX to "lualatex --interaction nonstopmode". HTH.
That does the job.

The thing I don't get is why, when I add more of these formatted lines, that the amount of text my box will display gets shorter. When I made the first strikeout, the bottom quarter of the text in the box disappeared. Now (after placing it in a couple of spots), only a quarter of the text box will fill with text. It's there, and if I delete the strikeouts it will reappear. I can't make the text box any bigger (it already fills the page).
(I checked: switching to something default like Times New Roman doesn't fix this at all; thought currently I'm using TexGyre Pagella. It shouldn't be overflowing if 3/4 of the box is still empty and available for text. I don't get it.)
(also checked: if I link multiple pages' text frames, it might show one or two lines per entire page of this... I'm not sure this formatting method agrees with Scribus)
Beginner Talk / Re: Workflow for adding image frames
« Last post by utnik on October 08, 2017, 06:14:38 pm »
hi pck1980

…it seems to work very well, even for images with a different aspect ratio…

unfortunately it doesn't!
when you resize your frame, the contour line will be resized proportionally.
i.e. when you have an image frame of 40×50mm with 3 mm added at every side (contour line: 46×56mm) and you resize this frame for a 60×50mm image, the contour line will be 69×56mm…

as long as your images are almost of the same ar it may work (but it's not precise…)

Beginner Talk / Re: Workflow for adding image frames
« Last post by pck1980 on October 08, 2017, 04:54:20 pm »
hi pck1980

in your uploaded file the images have the same dimensions.

i just tested  the way over the scrapbook:
  • set 'document setup' → 'item tools' → 'images' → 'scaling' to 'scale image to frame size'
  • check 'keep aspect ratio'
  • place an image frame with the desired dimensions
  • select 'properties' → 'shape' → 'use contour line'
  • edit the contour line to your needs and click 'ok'
  • right click on the frame and send it to the scrapbook
if all your images have the same dimensions, you can place hundreds of image frames from the scrapbook and all of them will have the same gap to the text and the loaded images will be scaled to match the frame at least in one direction.

btw. you should adapt the frame height to match with your text lines…


Sorry for my late reply. I just tried your suggestion, and it seems to work very well, even for images with a different aspect ratio (I can simply adapt the frame size to the image size after choosing an image).

Your solution greatly simlifies my workflow. Thanks a lot :-)
Welcome to the forum Junopsis.

Here's a quick way to do what I think you want:

* Create the text without any underline.
* Select the word you want to put under the underline.
* Go to Colour & Effects.
* Press the Strike Out button.
* Long-press the Strike out button and change Displacement to 100%.
* Go to Advanced Settings.
* Change Offset to Baseline to - (minus) 100%.

You will probably need to click away from the text to see that the formatting has been properly applied the first couple of times you use it and you will need to add an extra line break at the end of each line - or double your line spacing - but it works.
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