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Post by: balise75 on October 10, 2017, 03:58:58 pm
Hello from France. I am a new user of Scribus and I am working on a book. The ";" and some other punctuation signs need to use what we call in France "une espace fine" and that I have seen translated as "a small space" or "thin space".

The font that I use is Garamond.

If I use "Insert" then "character" the "thin space" possibility is not offered.

If I try (as I have read) to put an Non-Breaking space and then to divide by 4 the size of this space, it does not work neither. When I will have saved the work and then i will open it again, the size will have changed for its first value.

Sorry if I am not clear... English is not my fluent language... but the question is "Does anyone know how to create a thin space, using garamond font, with Scribus ?

Thanks for any clue  :) you will be able to give me.
Post by: utnik on October 10, 2017, 04:18:23 pm
hi balise75

i don't know what spaces 'garamond' offers. but you shouldn't search under 'insert' → 'character' – try 'insert' → 'space' instead and scribus will show the different space widths of your chosen font.

Post by: balise75 on October 10, 2017, 05:43:00 pm
Oh yes, and thank you for the answer. I should have said of course "insert then space" and that what I was thinking of. And well, it does not offer the thin space. And yes, I have read elsewhere that it was depending on the font (not all fonts allow thin space apparently). Okay. But why when I change the size of the space (using the size of the font), my change disappears ?
Post by: a.l.e on October 11, 2017, 10:23:38 am
if you need thin spaces, use a font that contains the glyph!

as an alternative, you could use the thin space of another font... but i don't think it's a good solution...

changing the size of the space should theoretically work... but i really don't know what's the effect of it (and from what you write, there might be a bug in scribus).
Post by: Portreve on October 13, 2017, 09:57:50 pm
[Note: I've heavily edited this post.]

Hi balise75!

The font that I use is Garamond.

Ok, so, first off, Unicode defines three different specialized space characters of nominally thinner widths than the standard space character. They are:

U+2008 Punctuation Space: Space equal to narrow punctuation of a font > <
U+2009 Thin Space: A fifth of an em (or sometimes a sixth) > <
U+200A Hair Space: Thinner than a thin space; in traditional typography, the thinnest space available > <

In the listings above, the space character between each of the >< corresponds to the character described. You should be able to highlight that character and then copy-n-paste it.

However... I just tried using each of the thinner spacing characters described above in Scribus, and they all are rendered as the standard space character. Even going the route of Insert > Glyph doesn't accomplish anything.

What I'm going to suggest is that, at least for purposes of Scribus, you simply define the appropriate width by way of taking a standard space character and then changing the width manually, and then copy-n-pasting that into each instance of usage. It's not really ideal, but I can't find another way to get what you might be looking for.