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Beginner Talk / Re: Trouble with "Get Text"
« Last post by remadepreacher on April 14, 2018, 10:42:01 pm »
Gary, thanks for the advice about which version to use.
Utnic, I was struggling with an earlier downloading of 1.4.6 — to the point of the program shutting down with #11 crashed every time I tried to do anything with it — even a few minutes. This gives me the impression that these crashes are accumulative. So, when I downloaded anew I started over with this project. I'm sure it is wise to do that again. This could explain why it happens every time on my computer and not yours. Most of the text is in Georgia, it seems wise to delete any font of Georgia and download from a source known to be good. I may go the extra caution of choosing another font to replace it for the book.

However, I have new information. The odt that I downloaded apparently still contains some corruption from the PDF-OCR process. Some was obviously there at the time, some words simply did not look right. I thought I got rid of it, Acrobat's Preflight gave them a green light — but evidently not. I was able to try Datanumen's Word Repair (in my old PC that works only occasionally) on the odt document that produced the crash today. It says it is corrupted and unable to repair it. Why my computer is more susceptible to this corruption than yours? Probably something to do with corrupted fonts on mine (that Font Book's verification can't detect). It seems best to simply do a clean download of High Sierra and keep any previously constructed odt's and PDF's and Word docs off.

I've changed the fonts in the document and will try it again in Datanumen, if the PC comes back (it's currently back in black screen and starting up in safe mode doesn't work).
Beginner Talk / How to format text in a text frame
« Last post by MikeD on April 14, 2018, 08:46:49 pm »
Hi all.
I'm new to the forum. I currently have Scribus 1.4.6. I am working on a bi-monthly publication (trying). I have generated a text frame for a Masthead. I have tried to generate different text formats, heights, etc., but have not been able to get the format I want. Every time I try, it wants to default to Arial Regular at 12 pts. I want Felix Titling Regular. Some lines at 20 pt, some at 14 pt, some at 10 or 12 pt. Have not been able to. I even tried making a separate text frame for each line, to no avail. I have tried creating the text in the story editor and it shows the correct format. As soon as I hit the green checkmark, it changes in the text box to the Arial at a 12 pt. This has become very frustration. Can someone help?
Thank you,
hi catteau

in my experience, when people have images disappearing there are two causes:

- they don't have enough memory at disposal
- they're doing something "silly".

what you already have discovered: after having loaded an image into a scribus image frame, you're not supposed to move it or rename it.
nor move the .sla file. (but you can just rename it).

summarized: if you have not done anything in between, it's probably a memory issues... but people have very different definitions for "have done nothing"...
Beginner Talk / Re: Trouble with "Get Text"
« Last post by GarryP on April 14, 2018, 11:24:43 am »
remadepreacher, please don't assume that moving to 1.5.x will let you get round problems that you find with 1.4.6.
1.4.6 has been around - unchanged - for more than two years and, as such, pretty much all of the problems have been seen before and workarounds are already known.
The 1.5.x versions are developmental software and, as such, each one has its own set of issues that have not yet been sorted.

My general advice is to use 1.4.6 until 1.6 comes out. If you use 1.5.x you lay yourself open to having all kinds of problems that no-one has seen before because the software hasn't been tested properly. If you have a problem with 1.4.6 you can usually get a quick fix, if you use 1.5.x you might have trouble getting an answer at all.

I realise that some people find that 1.5.x is stable for them but you never know when a developer will change/remove something without notice that will stop your documents from working. 1.5.x should only be used if absolutely necessary and only by people who know how 1.4.6 works.
You hit the nail on the head in your first post Joy.
Scribus uses a relative path from the document to the image, rather than including the image in the SLA.
This is useful as it not only keeps the SLA size to a minimum but it also means that you can update the image outside of Scribus - which means that Scribus doesn't need to have lots of image manipulation tools in it.

Images "disappearing" from image frames usually happens when someone either moves/renames/deletes the image file or moves the SLA.
If you have not moved/deleted/renamed anything and images are still disappearing, that sounds unusual.

Are your images and SLA on the same physical hard drive?
Do you have any kind of "file/media management" software running that could be re-organising your files in the background?

When you save your SLA and come back to it, or a new version of it, what's the exact process you are using? I've a feeling that that's where the problem is but I would need to know precisely what you're doing.
Beginner Talk / Re: Trouble with "Get Text"
« Last post by utnik on April 14, 2018, 08:58:43 am »
hi remadepreacher

i just opened your file in scribus 1.5.3, inserted 'Trouble In Paradise' between the two paragraphs and changed the paragraph style to 'heading 3' – there is no crash on my system (high sierra – the same as you use…)

either there's something wrong
  • with your scribus installation → to check this you could close scribus, and remove the directory: /users/'your user name'/library/preferences/scribus from the library or rename it to 'scribus_old' and restart scribus.
  • or with the os itself (unlikely but possible)
  • or with one of the fonts you use  → check your fonts with ''. ('hk serif' was replaced in my test, but it isn't in use in the test file…)
  • or you do something strange…
as your file won't open in scribus 1.4.6 without conversion, i tested only with 1.5.3.

A bit more info - I took some screenshots to show what's happening.  Just came back to my (saved) file after doing something else for a few minutes, found around a dozen images had disappeared.  A couple of images attached to show what I'm seeing when the images are gone.

I put them all back in, saved the file again.  But I'm sure they will keep disappearing.  Why???????
Beginner Talk / Re: Trouble with "Get Text"
« Last post by remadepreacher on April 14, 2018, 02:23:10 am »
Thanks, Rodney Lee and a.l.e. I'll try changing the fn-f3 setting. I removed all styles and rebuilt them with no text and then saved as as template. Oddly this is not in my templates. There are a .png and XML doc with that name on the computer.

Should someone want to examine the text causing the #11 crashes, I'm attaching an .sla with the two paragraphs I've been attempting to add text as a subtitle in between. Details at the end.
I'm creating a magazine - 24 pages total, with a fair number of images. 

I'll be working along, inserting images, saving my file very regularly.  And then suddenly some images will be gone, and in the frame where they were is the filename instead of the image.  If I save the Scribus file to a new name and reopen the previously saved version, the images are gone there, too.  Since it gives me the filenames, they are easy to reload - and when I do that, they are already scaled and sized correctly, I don't need to "adjust image to frame." 

If I try to export to a pdf from the file with missing images, it tells me they are missing - so they are really not there, it's not as if I somehow made them invisible.  Not all images in the file disappear, just a few will disappear (different ones at different times, though).

What is going on here?

I also noticed that my .sla file is around 340K, with around 13 pages completed.  When I save it to .pdf, that file is 27 megs.

So does Scribus actually only save pointers to images, not integrating the image into the file itself?  That would explain why the file is so small.  But if that is the case, it would suggest that if I move or rename an underlying image file - or delete it - my Scribus document will no longer be able to find it.

Why would my images suddenly disappear when I wasn't even working on them?  Sometimes it is images from a previous page that I haven't touched in hours. 

I'm using Scribus 1.4.6 on OSX, and this is my first time using the software, so I have lots to learn.

Thanks for any enlightenment anyone can provide!

Beginner Talk / Re: Trouble with "Get Text"
« Last post by RodneyLee on April 13, 2018, 04:52:31 pm »
Ok, I can work more than I could, loading is now do-able. But it turns out that when I try to change styles on certain parts of the text, I still have another #11 crash, both in 1.4.6 and 1.5.3. So evidently there are still problems with the styles or fonts brought over with the .odt.

I had that problem for a bit in 1.5.3 in linux, eventually my file stopped loading, I think tried 1.5.2 and then 1.5.4 which loaded up the file, I think delete all styles (and all other steeing that effect text,TAB ETC), save and reloaded into 1.5.3 Reset TABS and nothing has crashed since.

best guess its something is off with imported text or old code embedded in text, 1.5.3 has been super stable for me
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