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General Discussion / Re: Making combined graphics with Scribus
« Last post by founder on August 13, 2017, 03:02:53 pm »
If transparency is necessary, one more step is necessary.

Scribus -> Export as png (transparency is lost)
GIMP -> make transparency
Pngquant -> Optimize size
General Discussion / Re: Making combined graphics with Scribus
« Last post by founder on August 12, 2017, 06:29:32 pm »
Until now, I did only white background.

Now the combined graphic has in Scribus background color #FFFF40. A light yellow.

The graphic Scribus saves has in Image Viewer: f0ff00.
The graphic PngQuant makes from the saved has in Image Viewer also: f0ff00.
The same graphic shows in GIMP as f4f43d

Google Chrome displays on the screen efff00
Chrome displays the background-color of the page like defined  #FFFF40.

The difference from #FFFF40 to efff00 looks very bad.

Any ideas about this colore problems?

Scribus forums / Re: Moving the forums to discourse
« Last post by GarryP on August 12, 2017, 12:02:50 pm »
Unfortunately I don't have the technical know-how to participate in any kind of strategy/installation work and can't commit to any lengthy testing work. However, I might be able to put in the odd hour or so here and there evaluating a sand box copy. Probably not what you need but it's all I can offer at the moment.
Scribus forums / Re: Scribus Webpage
« Last post by GarryP on August 12, 2017, 11:54:39 am »
I think the site is at a point where the question can be asked.
It's not quite fully polished but - to me at least - it makes a better job of promoting Scribus than the current site.
The new site has no complex installation requirements, it's just HTML/CSS/JS with some images, so copying it over shouldn't be a huge issue.
I would like to hear what the team thinks.
Free discussion / Re: Does someone think Open Source Software is just a plaything?
« Last post by Derek on August 11, 2017, 09:58:08 pm »
Maybe a bit late to resurrect this old thread , but here's my twopenn'orth.

I worked with commercial, proprietary software written for only one purpose - making money. That's ok as long as the customers understand that they have a purely business relationship and that the software supplier will do everything it can to bleed them dry. Every enhancement, and customisation must be preceded by a financial negotiation, or must be looked on by the supplier as something they must provide in order to remain competitive.

I've also been a user of freeware and open source software and, generally, found it to be written by people who (as far as I can tell) appear to want to write software because they want it to do the very best it can with the hardware an operating systems available.

Given the choice I'd almost certainly choose open source over commercial. Even if I was running a business I'd gravitate towards open source - but I'd want to be sure my choice, if it is mission critical, is from an established and reputable author/team, has a sensible development plan that will keep it growing in the right direction for my business, and that priority support is also available should I run into a serious problem.

There's always exceptions to the general rules. There is masses of rubbish written by wannabe software developers of both types. Care in selection should weed that out. When you're choosing software - especially if you're going to need to communicate with the developers to request customisation or enhancements - you may be entering into a long term relationship. If you're taking on open source software, of course, you could choose to modify it yourself if you have the skills. Strictly, though, you would probably have to make your own work available as open source software so building your own propriety or trade secrets into it may be inadvisable. 
General Discussion / Making combined graphics with Scribus
« Last post by founder on August 11, 2017, 09:57:04 pm »
Web sites can have a lot of standard graphics. Many small pictures. This alone can make 20 to 40 requests.
I use since 10 years sprites, all the small graphics in one picture. So only one request instead of 20 to 40 requests.
This speeds up the load time of the page.

Until now, the generation of this combined graphics was difficult with graphics programs. The concentration to place a pasted graphic exactly at x,y.

Now I makle all my combined graphics with Scribus. I make a page sized mm x mm as the final result should be in pixel x pixel.

Export "Save as Image" 127 dpi 20% gives one pixel per mm.

The picture from the output is best compressed by

pngquant all-pege-page001.png --speed=1 --output=all-pege.png

An other advantage is the documentation. For example, I had to place 10 different flags in the all picture.
I can give each image frame the name of the flag inside.
Scribus forums / Re: Scribus Webpage
« Last post by a.l.e on August 11, 2017, 12:40:02 pm »
so, i'm cleaning up a bit my tabs today... and one of the topics that i've moved to is this proposal for a new website for scribus.

should we ask the question to the team?

Scribus forums / Re: Moving the forums to discourse
« Last post by a.l.e on August 11, 2017, 12:25:12 pm »
so, any volunteer to collaborate with me to:

- set up a dummy forum.
- find a strategy for importing the current forum's content
- evaluate flarum and define if there are chances it would be usable in a foreseeable future and what could be the roadmap

Scribus forums / Re: Grade my layout? New for card game
« Last post by GarryP on August 11, 2017, 11:51:05 am »
Trading card layouts can be some of the most difficult things to get right. Not only do you have a very small space in which to work but you also have a lot of information to present to the reader. Finding a good balance between having legible text and showing the images as best you can is difficult.

For the specific questions you raised I have a number of comments:
1. Don't use text frames for anything other than holding text. If you just want a coloured shape then just use a shape. There are a number of reasons for not using a text frame but two main ones are: the Pre-flight Verifier will report that there's a problem with an empty frame; you could accidentally add text to the frame which might not be obvious at first but will spoil the image.
2. You can use gradient fills to get colour fading to nothing. See attached files where I've very quickly knocked something together. Select the object called Nameplate (the one with the gradient at the top) and open the Fill properties in the Properties Palette and you will see how the gradient has been constructed. Note the Opacity setting (bottom of the Colour tab) for each gradient stop. The extra gradient stops at each end can help to avoid a feint line at the end of the gradient, sometimes. (The object called Information, at the bottom of the card, has a gradient fill with black instead of the white of Nameplate.)
3. The sword logos are difficult to see. I thought they were just diagonal lines until I looked closer. What you could use otherwise is really down to what they are there for.

Some general comments about your layout are below:
4. I think there are too many rectangles in the "normal" orientation. Have you thought about putting some things at an angle? Or maybe adding a bit of a skew? Basic rectangles can make a card layout look a bit boring but if you start adding angles and skews - not too many or too much though - it can add a bit of dynamism to the layout. Nothing wrong with the basics but a bit of extra "style" usually helps.
5. Once you can do basic gradient fills, try experimenting with free linear fills and see what you can achieve. You might find something that looks nice.
6. You had your left and right round the wrong way. Kokoro is on the left. Not a big issue but it might cause a bit of confusion.
7. Try moving the emblem at the top-right around so it's not flush to the top of the semi-transparent shape. Try it either across the whole thing with overlaps at top and bottom or a bit further down and see what you think.
8. You've used a colon for the first heading but no colon on the second heading. Probably best not to use one at all, see next comment.
9. Try using a different font+size for the headings and other text. It helps to differentiate things. (Don't use what I've used, they're just for show.) And think about not using full stops, they sometimes are not needed if the text is different enough.
10. Instead of plain rectangles, have you tried combining/adding curves with the rectangles to make the shapes more interesting?

Well, that's probably enough from me for now. I hope some of this helps.
Scribus forums / Re: Grade my layout? New for card game
« Last post by DiscoSoup on August 11, 2017, 07:10:26 am »
Figured it out. Can't believe I've been using Scribus for almost 5 years now and never knew that.
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