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Layout Issues / Re: Problems with tables as images
« Last post by Farland on April 09, 2018, 03:08:46 pm »
Alright, thanks for the advice.  It honestly seems like the best solution would be to build the tables right in Scribus. Is the table functionality really that bad?
Layout Issues / Re: Problems with tables as images
« Last post by GarryP on April 09, 2018, 03:00:45 pm »
You could put your tables on a separate layer and temporarily switch that layer off to try and get some document-browsing speed back but that's not an ideal solution even if it works, and it doesn't help with save/load times.

You could try splitting the document into smaller "sub-documents" but that's not ideal either.

Another option would be to use LaTeX in a render frame but I'm fairly sure that just creates bitmaps anyway.

If importing the tables as vectors makes the document too large then you'll probably have to go back to using bitmaps and not capping the resolution for the non-print version.

If your tables are black and white then you could try converting the bitmaps to 1-bit indexed mode (in GIMP, menu Image -> Mode -> Indexed / 1-bit). Export them as TIFs (with LZW compression) and the file sizes should drop to about 10% of the originals. GIMP or ImageMagick might be able to process multiple images in batch mode but remember to not overwrite the originals.

I haven't tried using 1-bit images in Scribus, so you will have to do some testing before using it in a real document.

I'm not sure what else to suggest.
MacOS / Re: OS X install of Sribus 1.5.3
« Last post by a.l.e on April 09, 2018, 09:57:14 am »
you can get there from the official downloads page

- click on the "take to me downloads" on the right side
- click on the link below "Mac OS X Mavericks or higher"
- click on "scribus-1.5.3.dmg"

et voilĂ !
(ok, it could be easier)

on top of it, in

you have the "nightly" builds...
MacOS / OS X install of Sribus 1.5.3
« Last post by remadepreacher on April 09, 2018, 06:35:21 am »
Is there still no version of 1.5 available for mac? I downloaded the latest 1.4 but have had a lot of trouble. It finally got to where I could do nothing with an old or new doc without it freezing. I eliminated all I could find of Scribus on the mac in anticipation for downloading 1.5.3 (or .4).  As it is supposed to operate on new principles, I had hoped this would solve my problems. But now I can find no such download.
Layout Issues / Re: Problems with tables as images
« Last post by Farland on April 09, 2018, 05:01:09 am »
Next update: I may have spoken too soon.  There was no problem working with the vector tables inside Scribus, but the exported PDF now seems unworkable.  It takes forever to open, it takes a long time to move from page to page, and it takes upwards of an hour to save. Is there anyway to save this? It turns out creating all tables as vector images may not have worked in the end.
PDF Generation / Re: Updated PDF Version Output?
« Last post by mnawij on April 07, 2018, 11:30:41 pm »
Yes, I am trying to use only FOSS software to see if it is possible for my company so I do not have to shell out for Adobe CC next year.  Acrobat v10 which I have does not always set the bleed/trim/cut boxes correctly when adjusting, maybe it gets it right 75% of the time.  I have pitstop professional pdf editor which works but it takes thrice as long to achieve the same results as just dropping the file into a DTP app and it will not work with image files unless I convert them to pdf first, so I am back to the same starting point.  It really is the only FOSS app that can do this, which in my opinion makes it the right app, though there could be another FOSS app out there if anyone would like to help me find it.


PDF Generation / Re: Updated PDF Version Output?
« Last post by Nermander on April 07, 2018, 11:15:28 pm »
I fully understand that it is time saving for you, but are you really trying to say that it is not a task of a PDF editor like Adobe Acrobat?

In my eyes you are using Scribus for the task because it is the only FOSS that can do the task, but that still does not mean Scribus is the right tool for it.

You can always hit a nail with a wrench, but it doesn't turn the wrench into a hammer.
well, personally, i only speak and write languages using the latin script and i cannot help you further.

i was involved in the project that has lead to the support of arabic in scribus and i really have the feeling that mixing scripts should be supported... but, as i said, i cannot try.

well, i did try:

i've taken the wikipedia page for "arabic"

and copied the name of the language in arabic (in the top right corner).

i've pasted it into a scribus frame and it looks similar enough to me, that i consider it likely that scribus supports bidirectional text.
have you tried with scribus 1.5.3?
this should be possible there...
I am using 1.5.3. If it has this feature then I fail to get it. Further elaboration from you will be very helpful to achieve it.
PDF Generation / Re: Updated PDF Version Output?
« Last post by mnawij on April 07, 2018, 07:34:46 am »
I have to agree to disagree with you, but that is alright.  I see no difference in placing a jpg tif or png and a pdf file onto a page to set up a bleed, I and every other designer I know do it all of the time with customer supplied artwork in InDesign the recognized leader of DTP apps.  I do not want this to turn into a disagreement of whether or not Scribus should be InDesign, but I do have to argue that those of us in the business should be at the top of who are listened to in how DTP apps should/could be used.  I have been doing this for twenty years now and I use a DTP app in this way at least a half a dozen times or more per week.  Let me give an example to be clearer, I receive a file such as those file types I mentioned previously that is 8.75" x 11.25", standard US Letter size with 1/8" bleed on all sides.  The said file does not have a technical bleed box for my prepress RIP to interpret, so I place the image into a Letter Size page with 1/8" bleed box setup and export as a pdf file that now has a bleed box that registers with my Digital Press RIP.  Trust me, this saves a ton of time on prepress, production and post production items such as registration, cutting, and positioning.  In the printing business, time is most definitely money and this option I just explained does just that without having to go back to your customer, who does not understand any of this technical necessities, and allows me to get the job done.  So in my opinion, it is a prepress DTP issue, but that is all it is, my opinion.


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