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Raster and Vector Graphics / Re: Reduced DPI issues
« Last post by mnawij on September 22, 2017, 04:32:44 am »
Hello Taartsel, just curious what file type is the import... jpg tif png?

Scribus forums / Re: Scribus Webpage
« Last post by tim_occ on September 21, 2017, 09:59:22 pm »
Hi Guys,

you both have really good arguments. Maybe I can share my point of view with you too. ;)

As I'm was a Scribus beginner it was really hard for me to get an orientation about all the stuff (documentation, tutorials, resources, etc). Why? Because of all these informations are really decentralized. In example: all the important infos can be find in the wiki, but every new user would start to read about Scribus on the web page, because it is the normal way to get informations.

So I agree totally with Garry, that we need a new central place for all users to start, to find help or to show their work.
Lets say the webpage will be like this, than we will have a lot of pages for tutorials, news, download section for templates? and perhaps the manual. I think to have all the content in plain htrml and css it was a way in the end of 90' to write all into single files. If there will be just few static infomations it will be easier to have just few html pages.

Let's say we do it like in the first option, I have few questions:
- How can we easily update the design? -> because of trends and new technologies, etc without updating any single files and maybe manage complications with that.
- How can people write/contribute Tutorials with a low knowledge of webdevelopment?
- How can people present their work on the webpage without managing the whole github stuff at first on the local device.

Let's list some facts:
- there is already a wordpress installation on the webserver
- there is already content on the webpage
- we will need some security layer for publishing content. (On github it needs some admins which review all the stuff -> wordpress is much more handy)

I'm not a fan of reinventing the wheel if it is not necessary. And currently we can try out more possibilities of the given system. So, I think we should stay on wordpress. The template itself can be located on github that everyone can improve it. If we use just github or wordpress we will need in any case in minimum of one responsable guy!

I can imagine to have the new website on wordpress with a static template in a first interation. Later we can make it more dynamic for parts of the webpage which are havyly updated a lot by non-techy guys, like for Showcases, tutorials, manuals, news, etc. A possibility for an auto deployment of the template via github can help a lot.

However, if someone should use it in long term it must be easy.

Scribus forums / Re: Scribus Webpage
« Last post by a.l.e on September 21, 2017, 04:04:51 pm »
currently the scribus website is wordpress based.

we need good arguments when we want to propose a technology change.

personally, i wanted anyway to look into grav and i like the idea of git(hub) based cms... so count me in for supporting this type of workflow! : - )
Scribus forums / Re: Scribus Webpage
« Last post by GarryP on September 21, 2017, 02:25:00 pm »
One of the big problems with a CMS-based website is that there is the extra overhead of maintenance. Someone has to maintain a list of users with different security permissions and also install bug fixes and other things like a web server and so forth.

Also, there is the issue of what happens when the expert decides to leave the project. They could just drop out completely without any notice and leave things up in the air.

Keeping the website as plain HTML/CSS/JS means that anyone with a bit of knowledge can maintain the site and all of the security is done via GitHub. (The code used in the proposed site is very easy to change - it's just Bootstrap - and there's a tool that Martin mentioned that makes it even easier.)

CMS is a great idea when you want to control what gets done, how things look and what gets published but the extra work would, in the case of an open source project, make things more awkward in my opinion.
Scribus forums / Re: Scribus Webpage
« Last post by radu81 on September 21, 2017, 11:50:45 am »
tim_occ made a nice template that could be also used with GRAV (a file-based CMS system which has the advantage to use pages from Github.
An example, here is the documentation which is saved on Github
PDF Generation / Re: Embeddable TTF text can't be embedded by Scribus
« Last post by GarryP on September 21, 2017, 11:45:18 am »
Have a look at this thread:,2523.0.html

It seems that Scribus can be a bit more picky than other applications about what can be embedded, even if the font itself says that it can be embedded. I don't think there's much the user can do except create a trial document that uses the required fonts to see if Scribus can embed them before using them for real.

There could still be a bug in Scribus that is stopping perfectly embeddable fonts from being embedded but that's something that would have to be taken up with a developer. If you can embed a font using InDesign but can't with Scribus then you could add a ticket to Mantis and someone might look at it but any "fix" would not be made to 1.4.6 as that version is no longer supported by the developers.
Beginner Talk / Re: Import pdf
« Last post by GarryP on September 21, 2017, 11:06:17 am »
Personally I wouldn't touch page transitions with a ten-foot barge pole.
At best, they distract from the content. At worst, they just make the creator/presenter look bad.

Page transitions on PDFs are a bit like flashing text and marquee scrolling in HTML. They were a gimmick that had their day in the sun but should now be retired in favour of more "mature" ways of doing things, I.e. Just go straight to the next page.

If you think you might need page transitions to make your content interesting and keep the viewer engaged then your content isn't interesting enough. Don't paper over the cracks, fix the cracks.

I think it would be a good idea if the Extras tab in the Export dialog was removed completely. I can't believe there's more than a tiny minority of people that actually use these things and it's extra code that needs to be kept up-to-date and tested which will take up valuable development time which could be better-used elsewhere.
Announcements and Forum Rules / Re: Image will not load into image frame
« Last post by GarryP on September 21, 2017, 10:37:11 am »
SLA files are just XML (text) and are no more or less susceptible to 'corruption' than other files, depending on what you mean by corruption. One thing they have on their side, compared to proprietary-format files, is that if the file does become corrupted in some way you can use a text editor to try and fix the problem (as long as you can understand the XML).

I've been using Scribus for a while now and can't remember ever having an SLA that didn't load back into the application that produced it. (1.5.x files can't be opened by earlier versions but that's to be expected.)

It's unusual to have the same problem with two separate files but if they were generated from the same original document then I would guess that it was the original document that was wrong in some way. As, has been said, SLAs are just XML it would be unusual if the file itself had a problem but you never know how the document was created. There's a chance that it was created via a script and the script created the problem but that's difficult to prove without the original. If you can attach the original then someone might be able to pick through it to find out what's wrong.

Overall it's better to use your own documents rather than relying on other people's templates and suchlike. It can be a lot more work at first but once you get the hang of using Scribus it's pretty easy to knock up something usable which can be refined later.
PDF Generation / Embeddable TTF text can't be embedded by Scribus
« Last post by Taartsel on September 21, 2017, 09:31:14 am »
Hi! I'm trying to export a Scribus file to a PDF, embedding the fonts. All the fonts I'm using should be embeddable (according to a check by Adobe Indesign) but only one of the fonts can be moved to the "Fonts to embed" list. They are both TTF and have the same level of rescrictions according to Indesign.
What could be the reason one of the fonts won't be embedded and the other has no problems being embedded?

(The font that won't be embedded is "Amatic Regular" and the font that can be embedded is "Caviar Dreams". Both TTF and free for commercial and personal use.)
Beginner Talk / Re: Import pdf
« Last post by a.l.e on September 21, 2017, 09:23:41 am »
yes, scribus cannot directly add transitions to a pdf.

but, sadly, scribus can create pdf with transitions, so you can do that with scribus.
but it's a bit silly.
most of all if you're using 1.4.x.
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