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Announcements and Forum Rules / Re: Line spacing in a frame
« Last post by utnik on Today at 07:19:24 pm »
hi ben

the wiki is right in recommending the use of styles. i would never set up a whole book without paragraph styles!
…and i would rather create a new file for the hardcover book and fill in the content of the paperback than going through the whole process of resizing all the frames.

a careful setup at the beginning (styles, baseline grid…) will safe you time and frustration – and it makes your project easier to handle if you decide to change some of the base settings (like the main font…) in a later stage.

if you need someone to take a look at a file created with scribus 1.5.3, you may show it to me. i can't promise to solve every problem, but i often find the source of them…

Announcements and Forum Rules / Re: Line spacing in a frame
« Last post by BenWoodard on Today at 06:09:48 pm »
Wow, Garry. Thanks for taking the time for an in-depth reply. Scribus is a great program, but because it only several times a year, each time is a struggle to remember what I did before. And the solution always seems to be spending hours with trial and error. That's what I did with the paperback and figured the hardcover would be easy. Nope. Which is way I posted. Trying to save that time. While you didn't have a definitive answer, you gave me some ideas. I've never set up the baseline grid, only relying on line spacing to get things right. After reading the Wiki on the bg, it looks like to two have to work in tandem so that bg and line spacing together give me the page layout I want. Is this right? If so, I should be able to do this manually. The Wiki recommends using Styles so everything is automatic, but I probably won't get into that yet. Today I'll do my "trial and error" and see what happens.

Thanks again for your help,
Announcements and Forum Rules / Re: Line spacing in a frame
« Last post by GarryP on Today at 11:11:00 am »
Welcome to the forum Ben.

As for your first question, is there "a way to globally align all frames to the page size" the simple answer is "No". (And I'm guessing that you mean aligning to the margin rather than the page itself.)

Scribus works with an absolute page size and absolute frame positions/sizes. Therefore, if the page size changes, then everything needs to be resized or moved - or at least reviewed - to accommodate that change. All Scribus frames - and other page 'furniture' - have an absolute position on the page with an absolute width and height and there are no ways of making any of these things relative to anything else, including the page dimensions. It's an unfortunate situation - in cases such as yours - but Scribus was created for print DTP and print pages don't change size. I.e. An A4 page will always be the size of an A4 page.

The less-simple answer is "Well, maybe, sort of" as you might be able to create - or find - a script that will go through a selection of text frames and change their positions/sizes relative to the new page size (I.e. margin size) but you will probably have to do some manual tweaking after it runs and you could end up making more of a mess of things if the script does more than it needs to do.

As for your second question, the answer would depend on knowing a lot of information that wasn't supplied. If you have a space at the bottom of some frames then I suspect that it's a consequence of your frame sizes not being fully compatible with the line spacing - or baseline grid settings - in conjunction with the font you are using. If you didn't have the problem with the paperback layout then that could have just been good luck unless you specifically designed things that way. You need to do quite a bit of experimentation to get this sort of thing right and can't rely on Scribus "knowing" what you want to do. Scribus will only do what you tell it to do and if you haven't designed the layout correctly it will probably not do what you want (or, you may be lucky).

Having said that, if your page height did not change from the paperback to the hardback then I think you might just have had lots of good luck with the paperback layout and then the bad luck came creeping in when you changed the page size.

Since you probably can't attach the document - for obvious reasons - it's difficult to say exactly what's going on. There are so many variables involved that's it's very difficult to diagnose the root cause of the problem without being able to look at it first hand. Even attaching sample images of problem pages where the text has been blurred probably wouldn't give enough information to work with. You could send the document to a specific person via a private message but that would probably assume a lot more trust on your part than you are comfortable with.

I've just created a very quick test document at 5.25x8in with 0.5556in margin distances, inserted some text frames to fill the margins and added some sample Lorem Ipsum text of Arial 12pt at 15pt spacing. I then changed the page size to 5x8in and resized the frames and didn't get the problem you are seeing. However, because you will be using a different font at a different size, and different line spacing - or baseline grid - with different margins etc. my test was fairly useless in diagnosing the problem. It showed that the problem isn't something that happens all the time but it doesn't show why you're getting it.

I'm not sure what to suggest at this point. If you shared the document - the paperback version - then someone could probably see exactly what was going on but that would mean you would have to be comfortable with doing that. (There's no point sharing it with me as you're using 1.5.3 and I am only using the stable version, currently 1.4.6, and the documents are not backwards compatible).

Hopefully another forum user has seen the same thing you are seeing and knows what went wrong and how to fix it.

P.S. A moderator might want to move this post to a more appropriate forum section so don't be surprised if it goes somewhere else.
Announcements and Forum Rules / Line spacing in a frame
« Last post by BenWoodard on January 22, 2018, 10:28:10 pm »
Using 1.5.3  on a MacBook running os 10.13.2

I'm working on a young adult novel that I will publish in paperback and hardcover. The pb is 5.25 x 8 and the hc is 5 x 8. After a number of struggles, I have it set up the pb in Scribus. To do the hc, I duplicated the pb and opened the copy in Scribus, then changed the book size in Document Setup. Of course, the frames are now the wrong size, but I expected that. I started manually changing frame size and thought there must be a way to globally align all frames to the page size, but I can't find anything. So first question, is there a way to do this?

Second question: I manually resized the frames for 8 or 10 pages and noticed that in several of the pages the text did not go all the way to the bottom of the frame. There is one empty line. I didn't have this problem with the pb layout. In it, all text lined up at the bottom of each page automatically. I spent a good bit of time today trying to eliminate that space with no success. The only way I can do it is to change line spacing on the problem page and I don't want to do that. Any ideas on why this is happening and what I can do about it.
Text and Typography / Re: Use different styles in linked text frames
« Last post by GarryP on January 22, 2018, 02:26:29 pm »
You're welcome.

I played around with a few ideas but I couldn't get anything like what you want in any kind of automatic way.
That doesn't necessarily mean it's not possible, but I've a feeling that it can't be done any more easily.
Beginner Talk / Re: Text Colours
« Last post by GarryP on January 22, 2018, 11:21:59 am »
Welcome to the forum Rob.

You can't use any colours that aren't saved in the document's Colours list. See here,2742.msg12707.html#msg12707 for a short explanation.

However, there are many ways to get colours into your document. See here for more information.
Text and Typography / Re: Use different styles in linked text frames
« Last post by LucaMauri on January 21, 2018, 09:53:11 pm »
Thank you Garry.
I thought to do something like this to workaround the issue, but I hoped Scribus to have a better way to handle this.
So I will proceed as you suggested, thanks.

Have a nice evening

Beginner Talk / Text Colours
« Last post by xrobc on January 21, 2018, 06:57:22 pm »

How can I set a text colour that is not in the drop down list? (to specific RGB or CMYK values).

Can I save this to the list?

Thanks in advance

Text and Typography / Re: Use different styles in linked text frames
« Last post by GarryP on January 21, 2018, 03:33:51 pm »
Welcome to the forum Luca.

I don't think what you want to do is possible without creating two different styles. Paragraph styles can be applied to paragraphs individually - not just the whole text - and character styles can be applied to bits of text smaller than paragraphs.

See the attached - very basic - document where I have created two character styles and two paragraph styles based on those character styles.

Double-click either of the text frames and start putting the cursor in different paragraphs watching how the paragraph style changes in the Properties Palette when you go between the frames.

If a paragraph spans two frames you will need to format that paragraph with the two character styles.

It's not a great solution but until Scribus gets an "Invert" blend mode I think it's all you can reasonably do. (I would be very interested in reading any other solutions though as I might have forgotten something.)
Text and Typography / Use different styles in linked text frames
« Last post by LucaMauri on January 21, 2018, 12:51:47 pm »
Hi there,
I am a beginner with Scribus, I am reading the documentation for the beginners and playing around a little with a test document.
I learnt how to create Text Frames and how to link them to make text flows from one frame to another, but I can't find a way to use different styles on different frames.

This is what I'd like to do: my left page has a black background and white text, while the right page has white background and black text. I have created two linked frames flowing from left to right: how can I change the style on the right frame without changing the right one?

Thanks for any help you might provide

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