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Beginner Talk / Re: Total Newbie - importing from Microsoft Publisher - text boxes
« Last post by mnawij on June 27, 2018, 07:31:53 am »
Hi CycleFelixstowe, welcome to Scribus.  I have dealt with this issue several times at my print shop.  You should be able to copy & paste those troublesome text areas directly from publisher into a new text box for replacement in Scribus (you will lose the formatting).  It is not a perfect "import" of pub files yet, but it is continually being worked upon and improving since 2013 I think.  I hope this helps.


General Discussion / Re: Love this software
« Last post by mnawij on June 27, 2018, 07:19:35 am »
This is great news markp!  I have been using Scribus for almost four years for commercial print projects and yes while there are a few minor issues of items missing that are in InDesign, I have managed.  As for contacting, the best place is here (community) or the mantis bug board (devs) for information. Welcome to the Scribus Community.

I don't use MS Publisher, in fact I'm on Linux.
PUB format is very dated and MS proprietary format.
I would work on a plan to move away from being dependent on MS Publisher.
e.g. look at LibreOffice which installs on Windows and Linux.

But your existing PUB source might be converted to DOC using this online tool ..

Then with converted PUB to DOC output you can open with LibreOffice or older Abiword.
You should be able to massage the source to get some format to import into Scribus.

Then consider dropping MS Explorer as your editor in the pipeline..
Thanks - I followed both links and couldn't find any reference to Microsoft Publisher or .pub files. Just EPUB.

Importing from Microsoft Publisher is apparently a new feature in the latest 1.5.x software, and it has almost worked for me. It has imported some text boxes as text but seems to have imported some (notably with bold text at the start) as images.

It may be that I will have to replace the parts that I can't edit with new text blocks and just try and dig out the original text to re-input. Although even with LibreOffice Draw I can't see all the text.

I assume that this is a feature of the new filter for importing .pub files.

So near, and yet so far.....
As far as I understand (and I don't have much experience with Scribus options) ..

you cannot import epub into frames.

However I have a suggestion.  If pandoc is installed from here

you can go back a stage in your workflow and convert original epub into a format which can be more easily imported into Scribus frames.

Then import into fresh instance of Scribus.

Look at pandoc document conversion options in diagram at bottom of above web site URL.
O.K. - I have a partially written newsletter in a ".pub" file and I have imported it into Scribus 1.5.4.

This because the author is on 2 weeks holiday, and anyway his is the only PC of 3 which has Publisher so I would like us all to work with the same package.

Anyway, the import seemed to work and I have started tinkering but I have come up against a blocker already.

Some of the boxes with text in behave as text boxes - that is, a Right Click shows Properties/F2 and Text Properties/F3. I am working with these and slowly learning.

However other boxes on Right Click only show Properties/F2 and I can't edit the text. This makes me think that they aren't seen as text boxes by Scribus.

This is a two page document (A5 pages) and the first page displayed is the one with the "not text" boxes whilst the second page seems fine.

Is this a feature of the conversion from ".pub" or have I done something unusual?

Can I convert the boxes to text boxes in any way?

Edit: should have said Windows 7 64 bit as the OS.
General Discussion / Love this software
« Last post by markp on June 26, 2018, 12:19:08 pm »
i love this software, I have been a long time user of quark however i feel they are getting beyond greedy for what they charge for every upgrade, I have recently decided to switch to Scribus and I felt right at home with the software.

Scribus was an easy learning curve move from quark.

I have only found a few minor issues with underlining text and the grouping of items for wraparound of text, and one issue with the Scribus website I don't understand- the contact page has no way to contact any of the team.

Other than that I think it is really great software and is saving me a great deal of money on buying quark upgrades.

Thank you Team Scribus  :D
PDF Generation / Re: Won't show as a PDF
« Last post by WHYz on June 23, 2018, 11:55:49 pm »
Is that fixable? I no longer need the Sabbath one, but I basically keep most of the info in the doc. and only make some changes to it each week, so I'm pretty interested in any help with that!
PDF Generation / Re: Won't show as a PDF
« Last post by utnik on June 23, 2018, 07:09:34 am »
…I looked, just the same, and all layers were marked as visible.
…yes, visible but not printable, i suspect! (which means not exported to the .pdf file and invisible when in preview mode…)   


PDF Generation / Re: Won't show as a PDF
« Last post by WHYz on June 23, 2018, 01:33:40 am »
Could that have been possible if I can see it all in Scribus? Well, I looked, just the same, and all layers were marked as visible.
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