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Here a screenshot from the produced PDF.

It looks terrible compared to the original pictures.
hi founder   

your .png files look good as long as you show them in small scale.depending on the preferred print resolution you may use them in post stamp size. with 200 ppi the length of the tesla will be around 4 cm (1.65"). for high resolution prints it will go down to sess than  2.5 cm (1").
you might need better images for your project.   

the pictures are really small!

if you're printing them at a size bigger than 1 or 1 1/2 cm you will get a really tiny resolution!
Raster and Vector Graphics / PNG looks good in preview but terrible in PDF output
« Last post by founder on July 06, 2018, 10:24:19 am »
I have attached PNG graphics which look good on the screen, but complete unuseable in the PDF output.

The PDF output looks like 2 colors black and white and lower resolution.

It is of course possible to do in Scribus, but for the task you described I personally think it's to much manual work.
Showcase / Scribus Project: RPG Character Sheet (Tiny Horsies Roleplaying Game)
« Last post by hujraad on July 05, 2018, 08:14:12 pm »
I just wanted to share a prject I made using Scribus: A character sheet for the Tiny Horsies RPG:

This document was actually used by the author in the second edition of his game!


Extremely helpful - thank you!
I'll probably go ahead and use Libre Office then-- it appears to have the needed tools.
Scribus does not have much automatic features, if you want a header at the top of each page to show the chapter name you will have to write the chapter name there. (But you can do it on a master page, and use a different master page for each chapter).

From your questions I don't think Scribus is the tool you should use, I think a PDF generated from Open/Libre Office would be a better solution for you.
Installation and Setup / Re: appimage scribus 1.5.4 - nothing visible in the menus
« Last post by elode on July 04, 2018, 06:36:24 pm »
I just tried to change the Linuxmint theme, but the problem remains the same...
Somebody has another idea?
I've got a 250-page book containing 37 chapters, which is ready to be formatted for print publishing.

1) Can this be done treating the 250-page file as one file, and yet having the program recognize the separate chapters within the file such that the footnotes in each chapter are numbered anew starting with '1'.

2) Again treating the 250-page file as one file, can the header at the top of each page show the chapter name on the left hand pages and the book name on the right hand pages. This would of course require a different chapter name on the left hand pages for each chapter.
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