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Text and Typography / Re: Cannot change font size
« Last post by RodneyLee on April 16, 2018, 02:33:07 pm »
Oopsi!,wondered wht my F3 never worked :),  I'll have to try that single click edit box, never noticed that one
You have rightly pointed out the difficulty. Its not just with latin and complex but two or more complex text in one para. This is a everyday issue with us and due to that we are not using Scribus. We are hoping to get the solution some day in the newer versions. I felt, keeping mum and waiting for next version to solve the problem automatically without even raising the issue, better ask the question outright. I am in academics and many people, students around need the solution. We do not use Scribus due to all such issues. You will be shocked to know that the major publishing houses in India are still running Pagemaker and Windows XP though pagemaker has stopped more than a dacade ago. There is a huge demand for all these solution. The people who design the books they hardly know that such forums can really help. Its mostly because they don't know English well to communicate.
Text and Typography / Re: Thumbnail, Picture etc for the Headings.
« Last post by a.l.e on April 16, 2018, 01:34:31 pm »
I would put the titles in the scrapbook.

- One item per icon + 1 item for the title or
- One item with icon and title for each icon or
- One single item with icon and title and then you manually put a different icon...

... depending on how often each icon shows up...
And what happens when you need an indic language and arabic?
Or two indic languages that need different fonts?

Are those real use cases?
Text and Typography / Thumbnail, Picture etc for the Headings.
« Last post by Googly Googly on April 16, 2018, 01:10:26 pm »
In a book for curriculum of schools we have to include various thumbnail at every major heading and subheading, intext question, terminal question etc. The place of the thumbnail is on the left of the heading. The heading will look like - Thumbnail+Auto number/bullet+Heading. All the headings of same level/type must carry the same thumbnail. Is there any automatic way to have those thumbnails there in Sribus? The size of the thumbnail needs to be adjusted, the text must appear in the middle line of the thumbnail line. I am attaching a pdf of how it looks like. There are two such thumbnails in that pdf. It should be possible to put not just thumbnail but any picture.
Thanks for the reply. I have following to submit.
Selecting one font for complex text and latin text and making both texts readable at a time is possible if that one font has both complex and latin support. But, all those fonts are not necessarily good for publishing work. Those which are good for publishing the complex text matter may not have support for latin text. Moreover, the size, style etc for complex and latin can not be changed individually. We have to accept the size etc which the font forces upon the user. If we look at the Libre Office's character formatting window, its very clear that a Paragraph style provides options to set different fonts, size, style etc for the latin text and complex text. The screen shots of Libre Office are attached below.
Text and Typography / Re: How to format text in a text frame
« Last post by a.l.e on April 16, 2018, 10:48:15 am »
I've locked this topic and removed the answers that were also in,2903.msg13541.html

please refer to the other thread.
Beginner Talk / Re: How to format text in a text frame
« Last post by GarryP on April 16, 2018, 10:29:45 am »
Mike, you can change the formatting of text directly by using the Text tab of the Properties Palette.
Select the text frame and change the formatting for the whole frame, or double-click the text frame, select the text you want to change, and then use the same formatting tools to format the selected text. This is probably more like you are used to doing.

Styles can be used to keep formatting consistent across multiple text frames - if you want to do that - but they aren't absolutely necessary, they're just very useful.

And to reiterate what has been said above, don't use the Story Editor unless you absolutely have to. It has some uses but, for most editing, it's more of a pain than a help.

P.S. Please don't post the same topic into more than one forum. It's confusing and means that the whole answer is split across multiple threads that future readers might miss.
P.P.S. (by an administrator): I've locked the other topic, removed the duplicate replies, and put links to this thread (a.l.e)
Beginner Talk / Re: How to format text in a text frame
« Last post by MikeD on April 15, 2018, 08:23:55 pm »
Thank you all for your help.
It seems to be working now with your suggestions. I also have Serif PagePlus 5 and you just select the text you want changed and change the formatting, height, etc. Seems like a round about way to get things done in Scribus. It probably has reasons that I am not seeing right now.
Again, thanks for the help.
Text and Typography / Re: Cannot change font size
« Last post by GarryP on April 15, 2018, 04:19:58 pm »
You get the Properties Palette via F2, not F3.
F3 gets you the Styles Manager in 1.4.6 and the new Text Formatting Palette (or whatever it's called) in 1.5.?.

You normally don't need to keep opening and closing the Properties Palette. Keep it open unless you need to close it.

You also don't need to double-click the text frame if you want to format all of the text in it.
Select the frame (single click) if you want to change the formatting for the whole frame, or double-click the text frame to go to "inline editing mode" then select the text - drag the mouse pointer - that you want to format. Then use the Text tab of the Properties Palette (or the Text Formatting Palette in 1.5.?) to change the formatting.

For bigger jobs, or where you want better control over text formatting, use Styles.
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