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Text and Typography / Re: Changing size of curved text
« Last post by Stufak on February 12, 2019, 09:30:13 pm »
I found a workaround by increasing the font size and decreasing text width proportional to what I had in my original version. Seems to have done the trick.
Text and Typography / Changing size of curved text
« Last post by Stufak on February 12, 2019, 07:07:57 pm »
I am new to Scribus and am having issues using text that has been fit to a curve. After changing the height of the text on the curves, I go to the print preview screen and receive a text overflow error. Ignoring the errors, the resulting preview has reverted my text to its original height. I assume that this is a bounding box issue, but I can't figure out how to change the size of the bounds without increasing the size of my circles.

Any idea of how to make this work?
Text and Typography / Re: missing glyphs
« Last post by a.l.e on February 12, 2019, 10:54:23 am »
in the glyph window, just click on the first icon, left of the search one...

and, please, get comfortable with the text frame edit  modus and the windows > properties palette...

p.s.: composed sign are signs like ^, which is supposed to be composed with vocals (as in รด)
Text and Typography / Re: missing glyphs
« Last post by dztypesetter on February 12, 2019, 06:38:37 am »
Well, that's hopeful.  Thanks for trying it out.  The symbol on the top right is the correct one.  Now I just need to figure out why it doesn't work for me!

Where is the "glyph browser"?  The only way I could find to insert a unicode character was through
Story Editor -> Insert -> Insert Glyph... that brings up the "Character Palette", then click the search icon, that brings up "Unicode Search".  Then entering either "1D1AA" or "down bow" brings up the glyph, and puts it in the character palette, from where I can then insert it.  But it doesn't display the glyph.

If I click the first icon in Character Palette, which is labeled "Show/Hide Enhanced Palette", it brings up something that I might describe as a glyph browser (though it doesn't call itself that).  There's a place to type the unicode for a glyph to insert, but it only allows entering 4 hex digits.

Any idea what might be wrong?

(I don't know what "composed signs" is.)
User Interface / Re: Scribus UI/UX and Styles
« Last post by Pexim SLani on February 11, 2019, 11:05:36 pm »
Scribus is the future, I believe  8)

I had a very difficult time to learn the basics in Scribus, cos I'm not a pro. I want to use Free Software apps cos of my beliefs. I was Indesign user, but not any more, cos I switched to Linux, for good.

Before 1,5 year, I've discovered Viva Designer 9.5 and tried it on my Ubuntu 16.04. I was super surprised how simple UI is and how intuitive software Viva Designer is. I had 0 problems to learn it.

I think that Scribus Devs have to investigate UI of Viva Designer.

I'm not promoting proprietary software, I'm just saying that we don't need to "invent hot water". 
Beginner Talk / Re: Leader Dots and Indesign Package Feature
« Last post by Nermander on February 11, 2019, 09:56:15 pm »
So I read this forum post ( ) in regards to creating leader dots. I followed the steps, but when I get to the Tabulators pop-up, I don't understand how I'm supposed to use it. How would I apply Leader Dots to this, for example:

" Peter Prescott . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Brother of the Groom "

Just select a Fill char. See
Windows / Re: Windows 10 Installer
« Last post by a.l.e on February 11, 2019, 05:10:23 pm »
No, it's simply that Windows 10 is nothing special.

Just one further update.

Have you tried to get the setup file and and install it?
It should just work.

In "my" list of Scribus downloads

i've added windows 10 to the list.

I hope that one day the team will copy this list for the main site...
Windows / Windows 10 Installer
« Last post by Milambar on February 11, 2019, 03:15:29 pm »
Hi, sorry to jump right in with a question, but..

Why is there no Windows 10 installation candidate for the stable (1.4.7) branch?

You have one for 32 bit windows ( 2000 SP4, XP, Vista, 7, 8 ).
You have one for 64 bit windows ( Vista, 7, 8 ) - But interestingly not 10.
You also have a portable 32 bit version.

Have you made a decision, like certain other FOSS organizations, not to support Windows 10 due to all the Microsoft telemetrics built into it?
Text and Typography / Re: missing glyphs
« Last post by a.l.e on February 11, 2019, 10:10:04 am »
now that all the information is available... i could give it a try.

i did not know that there is such a "unicode seach" tool and i could not get it to work.

but if i try to find the 0x1D1AA character in the glyphs browser i do find it and i can insert it.

it shows up like in the screenshot (i love music but i only know basic notation... so i really don't know if it's the right sign... sorry!)

p.s.: can it be that the "down bow" is part of "composed signs"?
Text and Typography / Re: missing glyphs
« Last post by dztypesetter on February 11, 2019, 05:14:27 am »
Actually that wikipedia article seems to be a bit out of date.  It does not include the Music typeface.  It's one of the newer members of the NoTo font family.  Here's a link to it in the git repository:

But regardless, I do have the ttf file on my system, and Scribus is apparently seeing it, and the glyphs work with other software.  So why won't Scribus render these characters?
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