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Master Page with PDF link annotation linking to page number


I want to insert on some master pages from my book project an area with a link


NNN represents the page number.

So it's like the function to insert the page number in the master page.

But in this case, I want to insert the page numer as link in the master page,
so the reader can visit easy an background information page.

How to do this?

i don't think that scribus can do it... and i wonder if it should be able to do it :-)

but you could try by filling a feature request...

you could also try by adding some javascript code that reads the current page and builds a dynamic link... not sure that it will work though
have fun

If you don't do a PDF Link for it and instead leave it to the PDF viewer to interpret as a link you could probably use the normal page number field.

I thought to find some Javascript ideas to do it.

Until now, I have no idea how to use the Javascript features in Scribus.

This would have been the first application for it


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