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Import svg, eps, pdf - text is always converted to shapes?


Ive been trying to import some svg, eps and pdf files to scribus. And im finding that the text is always getting converted to shapes. Inkscape however works fine...

Is there a setting to fix this somewhere?


scribus always converts the text to shapes.
that's the only way to make sure that the text will look exactly the same as in the original pdf.
and since scribus is a layout program and not a pdf editor this is the right thing to do.

but, indeed, it would sometimes be nice if scribus could get the text from a pdf. you will probably lose most or all the formatting, but you will have your text in frames that are already at the right place.

And the same for svg and eps?

I was working on a tool that splits each character into its own text field in the pdf to svg/eps conversion.
That way the location of text is accurate, while still maintaining the ability to change the characters.
I guess this is a no go use for scribus then?
Is there any format I can use where this would work in scribus?

Maybe I could write directly to the scribus sla format from Java....

if you're using 1.5, the best is probably to use idml... an interchange format created by adobe...


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