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help with splitting table cells in 1.5.4


When I make a table and merge some cells I cannot find a way to split them again.  The split option is always grey.  I cannot find any situation where the split cells option is not grey.  Steps to reproduce:

* Open Scribus 1.5.4
* Create a new document with default options
* insert a 5x5 table
* merge row 1 into a single cell
* split row 1 back into 5 cells.  >> not working. the split option is grey.  how can this be done?Thanks!

all i can say: the table editor is still an unfinished work in progress...

i would not recommend using it:

- would tabs be enough?
- importing a table from libre office as pdf or png?
- or would a real infographics be more telling for your readers?


Thanks for the update and the suggestions!  I was thinking it might still be under development but couldn't find the status.  Looks like it's shaping up to be a great addition to Scribus.  Another issue I had was the undo feature is not working for the table.  I'll see if I can file a bug on these today.

I was tasked with making a bunch of boring credit application forms.  The pages are in a grid and look almost like a spreadsheet but lots of merged segments.  I was basing it off a 30 x 10 table.  It's supposed to have PDF form fields and lots of formatting on the text which made me think of Scribus. 

I hadn't thought of using an image of the table structure which might work out.  Thanks again!


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