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Strange PDF Error
« on: July 11, 2018, 12:12:58 am »
So I created a large project in Scribus. I export it as a PDF (in both X1a and X3 versions) but something seems to be wrong with the PDF.  When I open them in Adobe Acrobat, it often crashes Acrobat or causes it to hang.  It won't upload to DriveThruRPG, and when I can open it in Acrobat, if I try to do anything to it like save it as an optimized PDF, it throws a "there was an error when processing images" or simply produces an "Out of Memory" error.  I could used some help here.  Any ideas what is going on?


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Re: Strange PDF Error
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2018, 01:19:16 pm »
I created a pdfx-1a book for upload to WargameVault as well (which is pretty much DriveThru). It was pretty big 260Mb (not sure why, I believe I followed all the advice on image size, quality etc as best I could) and Acrobat Reader could not scroll the document without locking up. I never got as far as getting any error messages though. Switched to Foxit Reader which coped admirably.

It would not upload via their website either, eventually sent it direct to someone there and they got Lightning Source to do something weird to it to make it 'usable' but with a fair loss of image resolution I have to say.
This was their accompanying comment regarding their fix:

"Because it kept crashing my acrobat, I made custom page settings to export with bleed in Preview which is mac’s native pdf reader. I exported a new file, just to make it not crash, and then exported it again from acrobat as a postscript file for distiller to make another pdf. In acrobat I have custom export settings to curve down color to LS’s 240% limit. So the second export makes it pdf/X *and* ink limit compliant.

You've still got something going on with either your program or machine, it's rare that they have crashes like this so you might want to look into delete/reload your program or something."

Which seems odd about the 240% ink limit when they say to use the US swop coated profile in their how-to unless that is referring to their fix proceedures.

Anyway that's where I am at with them so far. Going to see if they can work their magic without so much loss of detail. Hope this helps, or is at least interesting.