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Importing Multiple pages from a PDF (in 1.5.4)


Just installed 1.5.4 as I need to be able to import a PDF document and add my own content over the top. I don't need to edit the original document at all- just to be able to stick it on it's own layer and then add text and image frames over the top, where my content needs to be.

When I go to Import the PDF Document, I only have the option to choose a single page- even though the source document is multi-page. Other radio button options are greyed out. Is this expected behaviour?

Do I need to use the Import function for every single page- one at a time?

Many thanks

you're right, with 'file' → 'import' you just have one single page of the .pdf file.
unfortunately you need to select 'file' → 'open' to get the whole file. (which is a bit confusing and makes people think scribus would be a .pdf editor…)



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