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Font Substitution error @ launch

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When I launch Scribus, then open the document I'm working on, I always get an error/warning that there's an issue with Arial..can't be found or similar, and lets me choose a substitute font, which I've done.

Dozens of times.

Trouble is, it never seems to "stick." Next time I open the file, I get the same warning. I always check "make this permanent," Scribus always tells me that I was successful in changing the font.

Is there a way to solve this issue once and for all?

Thank you!

I've never had this issue myself but the problem could possibly come from any number of different things.

Does this happen with every document or just one specific document? If it's just one specific document then there could be a chance that it's trying to access an Arial font that was in the document folder but isn't there anymore. Scribus can use fonts on a document-by-document basis - without you needing to install them - if you put the font file in the same folder as the document. If that font file has been moved/deleted then Scribus might be getting itself confused.

Do you have more than one Arial font installed on your machine? For example, OS X allows you to have multiple fonts with the same name installed and if one that Scribus was using has been "switched off" then that could cause a problem. As far as I know there's no way to tell Scribus to use one or the other.

Do you actually have Arial installed on your machine? Can other applications use it?

If you could give some more information - including which version of Scribus you're using and on which operating system (including version) - then this might be easier to solve. If you can supply the document - or a cut-down version that has the same problem - then that would also make things easier.


These are all great troubleshooting ideas. I only have one Scribus document on this machine (Ubuntu 17.04) but it was created on a Mac.

I don't know how to tell whether my Linux install has Arial on it or not; I'm fairly new to Linux. On a Mac, I know *just* where to go.

I tend not to use Arial personally...I assumed it was a default/system font.

I've just checked on a Ubuntu 17.04 installation and Arial doesn't seem to be installed.

You can find out for yourself by going to Search (it's the swirly Ubuntu icon by default at the top-left of the desktop icon bar) and searching for "font" (without the quotes). Select "Font Viewer" to see all of the fonts that are installed.

If you don't want to install Arial you can use DejaVu Sans or Liberation Sans instead. They're not quite the same but similar. Maybe someone else could give a better suggestion.

If you do want Arial, one path would be to:
* Go to Terminal;
* Type "sudo apt-get install msttcorefonts" (without the quotes)
* Give the administrator password if required;
* Accept that extra space will be used when/if asked;
* Accept the licence agreenment when asked (use TAB and ENTER to accept if necessary);
* Exit Terminal by typing EXIT and pressing ENTER.
You should now be able to go back into Font Viewer and see Arial and some other "standard" MS fonts.
They should work fine with Scribus.

I hope this helps.

That is a wealth of information, GarryP!

if I want to get my Scribus document to forget about Arial and NOT install Arial, sounds like I need to make a new Scribus document and re-populate it with images and text, not dragged from the existing "tainted" Scribus document, to make extra sure that no dependencies on Arial are brought over.

Does that sound right?

Thank you


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