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« on: Today at 06:26:25 pm »
first, let's say it loud: i love how this forum is a platform where ideas build up and very interesting discussions arise... on top of helping the users to get things done!

but i'm also noticing that almost every question asked in here becomes a discussion among a few frequent users about "advanced" topics.

some users seem to appreciate that their questions are inspiring other people, but i fear that others get a bit intimidated.

i would suggest that we "the experts" should ponder in each single case, if we want to simply reply in the current topic or open a new one (or pick an existing one that is already covering the idea) and start the discussion there.
eventually (or most of the time) with a cross reference between the two topics.

it might take a bit longer to write our posts, it might lead to some awkward cases... but i think that it could improve the discussions in here...

what do you think?