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I can't use Bengali text in Scribus. When I copy the Bengali text and paste it on Scribus then all text is broken, if I change the font and use any Bengali font, some font is working but still spelling mistake/broken and some font is not working at at all. Please help to solve this issue.

Bengali language is the 7th position of most widely spoken languages in the World.

hehehe... muhammodmasum, just pick a few of those 200 milions people and let them help out and get your language supported by scribus!

it's free software: all our code are belong to you!

anyway, a big effort is underway to support arabic and it will also widely profit indic scripts.


- during the next few months you should get what you want in scribus 1.5.3.
- help from people from bangladesh and india would be very useful and could help making scribus better.

get in touch with me if you can provide a contact to an association/group that can help us!

Thank you very much for your nice reply.

May be the following networks will be able to do that...

Waiting for next version!

I think they don't know about scribus -

Thank you very much. Now Bengali text is working ok. A great Thank you.


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